Green Light Over Bloubergstrand

Date: 09/05/2016
Time: 05:09 pm
Place: Bloubergstrand, Cape Town
Submitted by: Alexander

I was outside taking a photo of the sunset and clouds over the ocean. Only when I looked at the photo on my phone, did I notice this green light amongst the clouds to the left. When I went back outside (within a few seconds) there was nothing in the sky. We have read about the November green light sightings in Cape Town and also about the explanation regarding the FutureLife drink campaign… but what can this be? Six months later? (Note that this happened today although the image was saved as 20160503 on my phone – the date on my phone is definitely wrong.)

Round Object hanging low over Gauteng

Date: 31/03/2016
Time: 06:05 am
Place: Cloverdene, Benoni
Submitted by: Tamilyn van Genderen

It was early morning and just in the pink clouds of the sunrise i saw an odd rectangular shape plain in texture and just hanging in the air it wasn’t moving – i asked my friend Eloise Trollip if she could see it. We were both dumbfounded by it. in the next five minutes as we started to drive up the road the shape changed to become a very long thing vertical shape the best way i can describe it was it looked like someone holding up fish line and it was catching the sun…. this was so strange what on this planet can make such a phenomena – i tried to take a picture on my cell phone and oddly enough it picked up no light whatsoever even though anyone looking at it would not miss it, it was incredible. I left it after that as was disappointed and wished very much i had gone back and got my camera. Last night i was going through photos on my phone and came across the one i took. As i was thinking again what a shame it didn’t pick up the light we saw i zoomed in. No it didn’t capture the light….. but it captured the source. Unfortunately zoomed in to the max the image is pixelated but i can clearly see a shiny spherical object with what certainly looks like a ring around it like Saturn. I am dumbfounded it was in my mind a UFO the only other explanation i had was a weather balloon but how could the balloon create such a blaze of light in such a strange shape and i think this is quite a large craft. Eloise and my mother have seen another UFO in the same area in the evening not too long ago and i am wondering if it is the same craft. I would really love to hear an opinion of there are investigations or explanations?

White lights seen over Allensnek, West Rand, Gauteng

Date: 29/12/2015
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Allensnek
Submitted by:

My mom daughter and i were at the pool when i looked up and saw two very bright lights under cloud level flying towards each other at great speed. They then stopped and half circled each other. The one shot off in direction of pretoria at impossible speed, from bright to almost invisible light instantly. The other shot up vertically where it then stopped above cloud level, where it was visible between the clouds, hovering for at least 20 minutes. Continue Reading…

Three Objects at night in Pretoria

Date: 02/01/2015
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: Kameeldrift-West,Pretoria
Submitted by: Jan Nel

I saw a very bright star moving around in the sky.At first i thought i have a problem with my eye sight also made two videos of about 12 min as proof.I am only telling my story now because i stumbled on to the vidos a few weeks ago,i mean really UFO’s in the sky and i filmed it no way.It turned out to be 3 ufo’s. Continue Reading…

Triangle in Camps Bay

Date: 10/12/2015
Time: 12:14 am
Place: From Signal Hill
Submitted by: Jono Linny

Im not sure what this is, I was editing my photo to put up on Facebook and then I saw a weird smuggy object on the photo. I checked my camera to see if the lens was dirty but it was crystal clear, so all Im thinking is that that object was definitely in the shot when I took it.

On top of that I was also focusing on the shot when I was taking it and had that object been moving, Im sure it would have caught my attention. I waited like 5 seconds before taking the shot so I definitely would have seen it moving. Continue Reading…

Objects in picture taken at beach

Time and date: 22 December 2013 at ?
Place: ??
Submitted by: Mario

Hi there, i took this picture on my cell phone on the 22nd of December 2013 while spending a Sunday afternoon at the beach. We did not see or notice anything while we we’re there and it was only when I went through my pics that I noticed something in the photo. You have to zoom in to the photo, but according to me there is definitely something strange. First I noticed the 3 lights that is in the shape of a triangle and then I noticed what seems like someone sitting in a aircraft of some sort. Unfortunately I don’t have the right technology to zoom further into the photo so that you could see better. Continue Reading…

Flying Triangle over Signal Hill (with Photo)

Date: 4 December 2015
Time: Around 18:00
Place: Seen from Bo-Kaap Cape Town CBD
Submitted by: JP

Some colleagues and myself saw what looked like a flying triangle aircraft with strange lights over Signal Hill in Cape Town. We saw the triangle which was hanging in the air for a few moments and then disappeared. It seemed to have strange lights which changed from yellow to red that almost pulsated. It could be some sort of aircraft or balloon or something. I’m including this picture which seems to be the best one I took (from my phone) but I can add others too if necessary 🙂 Anyway, just want to know if anyone else saw it or knows what it was. Or if anyone actually got a better picture of it from signal hill.

I dont want to add my email address but if any one wants it I see there’s a comment section. Just ask for it, and I’ll email you more pics etc. ^_^