UFO in night sky – Meyerton

Date: 17/05/2017
Time: 09:55 pm
Place: Meyerton
Submitted by: Johann Grobler


I took photos of the night sky for a time-lapse video. When reviewing the photos I found an object moving in a straight line. At first I thought it was a meteorite but it can’t be because it took about 30 minutes from the first photo to the last in the sequence. I uploaded a video of it on YouTube.

I have the original RAW files to prove it was unaltered.

red, green light flashing

Date: 16/05/2017
Time: 08:15 pm
Place: western cape
Submitted by: faraaz


I saw a flashing red green light it move quick, up. down stood still for abit and then moved right and light probably circling at a spot then it disappeared and it came back and did the same the and disappeared again about 5minutes a shooting star appeared but I know a plan nor a helicopter can’t fly like that.

Two orange objects hovering over George Western Cape

Date: 19/04/2017
Time: 06:00 pm
Place: George Western Cape
Submitted by: Sybil


My family and I were on our way home when i noticed a orange object in the sky in a distance. We got out our car and noticed it was moving closer slowly. We could see lights and the shape was a saucer. We two saw fighter jets passing and saw that this object was much bigger. We took a photo and then another object like the first appeared and came closer a lot quicker. They came together and both changed direction and flew off into the other direction and vanished. We were all amazed!

Silver powered object, seemingly breaking through atmosphere.

Date: 04/08/2016
Time: 08:49 am
Place: Mabalingwe, Bela Bela, Northwest, South Africa
Submitted by: Martin van den Berg


I took an off the hip photo of the contrast of the red umbrella against the clear blue sky, and did not notice the object at the time. Camera, Nikon D750, 50mm,f/8,iso-140.

Blue/green light flying above PE

Date: 10/03/2017
Time: 02:20 am
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Tamryn


The curtains in my bedroom are lightly transparent, and I looked to the window and through the curtains I saw a blue/green light cruising through the sky. It had a tail, like a large blue shooting star, but moved much slower. I opened the curtains just in time to catch a glimpse of it before if disappeared behind the trees. It hasn’t come back out (it’s been about 20 minutes now). It was too large and too slow to be a shooting star, and if it were a meteorite it would have been white / yellow / orange right? Because it would ignite when entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Wish I’d gotten a photo of it before it disappeared behind the trees.