UFOs caught on mobile phone next to “flying saucer” N1 road sign

Date: 24/12/2016
Time: 06:20 pm
Place: N1 & R21 flying saucer intersection
Submitted by: Gawaine


My girlfriend and i were driving to de Wildt North West Province from Joburg. I saw the Flying Saucer signboard on the N1 just before the R21 crossing. I was driving but quickly picked up my Nokia 1320 and snapped a driveby shot. That night when i looked at my photos taken that day i could not believe what i saw when i looked at the flying saucer signboard photograph again.

3 triangular objects seen in Midrand

Date: 06/12/2016
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Gallagher, Midrand
Submitted by: Andrew


I saw 3 triangular objects moving extremely fast across the sky, lasted about 3secs. They were flying in formation, the one in the middle looked like three, white, triangular dots and the outer ones looked like two, white, obtuse angles. All leaving a streaky motion blur. no sound.

Square object over Robben Island, CPT

Date: 19/11/2016
Time: 11:10 am
Place: Cape town
Submitted by: Marius La Grange


A friend and i went for a walk at Tygerberg Nature Reserve, being an Aviation Enthusiast i was taking several pics of the Boeings flying past and only a few minutes later realized that the object on this pic was not a cloud nor dirt on my phone’s screen. Apologies for the poor quality of images 2 and 3, both of them are screen shots where i zoomed in. Obviously i don’t know whether it was a stationary or moving object as i only spotted it later on. I took a whole lot of photo’s as the Boeing was flying past and the object only appeared in this one photo.

cloaked UFOs

Date: 09/11/2016
Time: 01:00 pm
Place: Table View
Submitted by: Lee-Anne


The view from the window shows what appears to be a long cloud. There are however three areas which show a very clear linear area which could not be formed naturally. The wind was blowing at approximately 35km/h but the cloud remained stable for over an hour.

strange lights observed with photos

Date: 11/10/2016
Time: 10:20 pm
Place: pretoria west
Submitted by: pieter


Last week early morning(was about 02:00 am) I saw an object in the sky which caught my attention. The object was flashing a red green/blue(ish) light. At that I immediately thought it could be the iss. Went back to sleep not really thinking about it until last night. my wife saw the same object and called me over to see. She asked me what it was and again I’m thinking the iss, then to realise the iss doesnt have coloured lights. Went on to google and checked for the iss current location and at that moment it was in North Africa (Uganda) time was at 10:20. the further the object moved away we saw a light that was covering it. like a sphere of light surrounding it. we took a couple of photos. You might want to zoom in close, you’ll be surprised at what you see. ufo/satellite orbiting earth? Would like to know what you think it may be.

5 Big black and 60+ smaller objects in the sky over Bellville

Date: 09/09/2016
Time: 03:14 pm
Place: Bellville South Africa
Submitted by: Ferreira


At the time we saw these objects in the sky, there were very dark rain clouds coming over Bellville. There were 5 black lager objects moving with the clouds and also about 60 or more much smaller objects moving in formation with these 5 objects. It looked like black balloons but kept on flipping from side to side 180deg. I took a few pics with my cell phone

I don’t know, you tell me!!!

Date: 21/04/2014
Time: 01:00 pm
Place: Stodels Nurseries, Eversdal Road, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530
Submitted by: Vortrexcian


Appologies, but did not see anything at the time.
Only noticed this much later and it has been baffling me for awhile now.
So, why not drop it here and see who says what about it.
So I will try and upload 3 photo’s of My son and I, the middle image has a little black spot (Left – above the 1st flag pole)
Thought to be a plane, so never realy worried about it, however, when looking at the 1st and 3rd photo, this spot/plane is not there.

When you zoom in on the dot, it kinda looks like something else.

After looking at it for awhile, it kinda resembles a bug (I mean, come on I was a place where there is a lot of flowers, animals, etc.)

But then again, seriously, could it be possible that my camera phone captured such a high resolution picture whereby you can zoom in to see a bug (maybe)

Let me know what you guys think…

Light in sky at Rand Air Show

Date: 21/08/2016
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Rand Air Show Germiston Gauteng
Submitted by: Chantelle


I was taking pics of a flying formation at the Rand Air Show. I took the picture blindly as I was looking into the sun and just hoped I had managed to capture the formation. At home later in the day we were going through the pics when we noticed this bright circular object near the formation. When we zoomed the picture on my phone it showed four dots within the circular … similar to a button. The second pic taken shows a few of these dots within the circular object when it is zoomed.