3 Flying Saucers seen in Umhlanga Rocks 1996

When I was roughly 15 years old in June of 1996, we were standing on our balcony looking at the ocean and stars in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban. Both my Dad and I saw movement to our left, and as clear as day, we saw what can only be described as 3 “flying saucers”. They were next to each other, very low and moving relatively slowly out towards the ocean and towards Durban.

What amazing us was their silence, no engine noise or propeller sound at all, they had a matte grey color and similar to what is depicted as “UFO’S” in movies.

Still feels like yesterday when I saw them, and we now in 2019.

Black Triangle in Hartbeespoort Area in 2001

Time and date: the year 2001 at 12 AM
Place: Hartbeespoort
Submitted by: Christof

Good day My name is Christof and I live on the south coast of south africa. After seeing an episode about flying triangles on Chasing UFO’s I thought it good to contact you. In the year 2001, one night around 12am in Hartbeespoort area near Pretoria me and my family witnessed a Huge black triangle flying next to the road as we were driving by. It had an whitish/orange like light in each corner and a bright white light shining on the ground from the middle. It was a clear moonlit evening so the outlines of the craft was very clear. It was huge, maybe as big as a tennis court (not sure) It was a perfect triangular craft hovering in one place as if looking for something on ground. It was revolving. There was NO noise thus silent. We drove on and it crossed the road behind us. The next moment it was gone without a trace. We were all dumbfounded. While driving past the object the hairs on our bodies raised, like static electricity. Continue Reading…

Extremely Bright Light – Eldoraigne

Time and date: This was a while back: June 2007, time 04:00
Place: Eldoraigne, Centurion
Submitted by: Michelle Jordaan

I woke up very early and opened my curtains to look at the stars. I saw a bright white star in the sky. It looked like the morning star. It was first stationary and then very slowly it started descending to stop again. It stayed in that position for about a minute. During that time I tried to determine any flashing lights or to see if it could be a helicopter because it was close to the Swartkop Airbase (my father was an air traffic controller so I know planes). But it was not. It suddenly became very bright to such an extent that the light hurt my left eye so severely that I had a pain in my head from the sharp light. The light did not become larger, just extremely brighter. The object was also not close to me. It seemed as though it powered up because shortly afterwards it skidded away at a great speed up into the heavens in a zig-zag format until it became smaller and smaller until it was gone.

I was a bit upset about the bright light that hurt my left eye. But to have seen and experience something like that was mindboggling.

Orange ball over Bindura

Time and date: During 1978 at midnight
Place: Zimbabwe
Submitted by: Doug Herron

This is a while back and took place during the Rhodesian bush war in 1978.

My unit was stationed outside Bindura northeast of then Salisbury (Harare).

It was close to midnight and I was on my way to radio watch when I happened to glance up at the night sky. It was a cloudless night and I was amazed to see this enormous orange sphere that was stationary and glowing brightly in the north sky.

I checked for the moon and it was there, but dwarfed by this glowing orb. If I were to make a comparison in size, it was at least four times larger the full moon. Continue Reading…

Klerksdorp strange light in 1970s

Time and date: June or July 1971 – 1972 at night
Place: Klerksdorp
Submitted by: Jan van Zuydam

i know this is years back but my mother is still alive to verify what I am about to tell you, if iam correct it was the year 1971-1972 June or July a Sunday night traveling home after a church meeting about 21 h 30. we lived outside of town at the Klerksdorp dam caravan park,our home was a caravan with side tents. Continue Reading…

Close Encounter in Kommetjie in 80s

My encounter happened in the 80s I think 87 or 88. It happened in the Kommetjie area. My sister and I were asleep. We shared a room when we were awoken by a bright white light. The brightest light I’ve ever seen. We both got up and looked outside to see what it was. In our yard stood 4 or 5 “people” in white space suits. I say space suits because they had helmets, gloves and a black visor with almost like a breathing appartus going to the helmet. Continue Reading…

Bophutatswana UFO

It was summertime 1997 or 1998 and myself and my friends (there was about 6 of us on the day) were all in our early twenties. I am unclear of the exact time and date, as this was day was forgotten for years and I never would have spoken about it had I not seen this video 16 or so years later on Facebook, bringing back the memories of what we saw that day. Myself and friends went camping in Bophutatswana, as we often did in those days as we had special access to a great camping location on the main water reservoir. We went for a hike in the morning – it was blue, and clear – not a cloud in the sky. We were hiking great distances and often running or sprinting in between – celebrating our health and youth – jumping from large rock to large rock in-between the ridges of the ‘koppies’. Continue Reading…

Kraaifontein UFO in 2006

rectangular UFO in Kraaifontein

In 2006 me and 4 friends was taking a stroll at about 3AM, we where walking along the railway tracks between Kraaifontein and Joostenberg Vlakte when I saw which looked like a shooting star with light tail, approach from the Paarl distance over the horizon. It headed towards us with insane speed, but when it seemed like it would go overhead it stopped dead in its tracks above us. Continue Reading…