Cape Town UFO

Place: Cape Town CBD
Time and Date: 10 May 2013
Submitted by: Jonathan

It first looked like a shooting star, but as it drew closer it grew in size. It was a bright light. Seemed like it was falling straight down. I anticipated an impact but there was none and it just dissapeared. It was bright White light that appeared to have a tail if light following it because of the speed it had coming towards the ground. It was insane, it slightly lit up the room. Did anyone else see it?

One thought on “Cape Town UFO

  1. Hi Jonathan, YES, I did see similar on same night. I was in die Waterkant (Loader St) at my sister’s new place and standing outside chatting to my brother at the time. I was facing out (over the view) and he was facing inwards at me. Suddenly this massive and bright what i first thought was a flare penetrated the night sky not far away in front of me — not that high either, certainly much lower than a small aircraft would fly — I didn’t even have to raise my eyes upwards. It was falling downwards, as you describe, with a white/slightly yellowish tail and a huge flourescent/neon-coloured ‘head’ at the bottom — rather resembling (for lack of another description) a sperm. I gasped and my brother turned around but just missed it as it only lasted for about 8 seconds or so. But he said he could see its reflection in my face as he was talking to me — ie it was that bright! I am also a ufo researcher and have made documentaries on the subject ( Ariel school in Zimbabwe was one incident which I went back to film THREE times, including with Prof John Mack from the US who wrote ABDUCTION. Anyway too much to say now and in this space. My email is ncarter@iafrica if you want to reply off-page. I’d also like to ask you some more questions about the incident. Thanks, Nicky

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