It cannot be stars – can it?

Time and date: 1:51am Monday 27th January 2014
Place: Moullie Point, Cape Town .
Submitted by: Mr K

Just lying in bed with my better half I noticed low stars sparkling a little more then usual green, red, blue, white. They are a little lower than the other stars although some are also sparkling higher up. If you look just right of orion’s belt I’m assuming it’s the north star is the biggest I have ever seen. Maybe I am paranoid but my girlfriend is so freaked out she won’t allow me to even go on our balcony. I hope everyone is ready…. swing away Merrill, swing away – over the sky in Moullie Point, Cape Town.

2 thoughts on “It cannot be stars – can it?

  1. I hope all are ready too……I noticed the same thing tonight and wondered who else has “seen the light”.

    • Hi…nice to know I’m not “alone” on this. Been seeing this since 2009. Of late its become a norm to see “UFOs” in the sky for me. I watch them go in for landing etc. This all over De Grendal mountain. I kinda have front row seats. Just wish I knew what they (meaning hundreds of them) are. – Table View

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