Busy Maritzburg

Time and date: November 28th 2013 at 20:23
Place: Pietermaritzburg
Submitted by: Cryil

On November 28th 2013 at 20:23 Pietermaritzburg . I watched a object travel from the Train station to the Natalia building. It was round with a bright white light underneath it. The light was pure white, bright and did not hurt our eyes. Reference to its size may have been like looking at 30 truck head lights. Made no noise, no strobe lights and was moving very very slow over the buildings. Then the object vanished. No photographs, sorry it was my first time. My wife and four kids saw it. Oribi airport closes at 20:00. Newspaper say we are the only ones the reported seeing it.

Time and date: January 1st 00:12 2014
Place: Pietermaritzburg
Submitted by: Cyril

Three lights in a triangular position above worlds veiw and one above Clarendon. All the same size.
One photo, one video.

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