Bright Star like object in Potchefstroom

Date: 05/02/2016
Time: 04:30 am
Place: Potchefstroom
Submitted by: Chaven Yenketswamy

I was up early and went outside. Some of the bigger planets were already risen.Jupiter towards the Western Horizon and the crescent moon and Venus in the East. The bright star Porrima facing North. I decided to get my sky binoculars 15×70 mm which are sometimes do to look at the positions of the moons of Jupiter. I could only see one moon to the left and was wondering where the others where.

I held down my binoculars for a while looked up at the sky an saw a bright star like object almost as large as Jupiter.It had a whitish luminosity. I immediately fixed my binoculars to this strange object. It was clearly similar in appearance to a bright star. However after a few seconds its glow dimished substantially to that of a less prominent star but still travelling in a Northly direction. I gage its speed was similar to that of a passenger airliner.

I followed the point like object for about two minutes before it was out of visibility.

Iam curious to know what type of spacecraft can glow so brightly to a magnitude as bright as Jupiter and then switch off and reduce its intensity.

9 thoughts on “Bright Star like object in Potchefstroom

  1. I saw the same and took a picture of it, it was moving and then it wasn’t there anymore

    • Chaven Yenketswamy

      It was still there but smaller in size and travelling. You would have needed a binoculars to have seen it. Definitely not a plane nor shooting star. Can you post the picture.

  2. Chaven Yenketswamy

    Looks like it was a satellite iridium flare.

  3. Chaven Yenketswamy

    Yes it was an Iridium flare. The JHB planetarium confirmed this. They also referred to this website where you can find a database of previous and upcoming Iridium flares

    • If you have a smartphone you can also download the Sputnik app which provides a schedule of upcoming iridium flare (and ISS) sightings based on your location.

  4. Hi Sheldon. I thought an iridium flare happens randomly. Its got do do with the tumbling or spinning of a satellite? How can they predict this?

  5. Please.can you send me pictures of UFO sightings in Potchefstroom and other areas please. I will really appreciate that.

  6. How can it be a sattelite? If the object was so low… remember sattelites can only stay flowting in space.If it were in our atmosphere, it would’ve dropped straight to the ground, due to our gravitation of Earth… I myself have observed a numerous number of different objects and travelling at odd speeds.My most shocking shighting was in East London, Cambride, where I saw a perfectly circle object, Colour of an street light(which is orange) , the size were as big as the sun!!!!Literally as big.. and it was howering close to where i stayed, above an open field which were surronded with bush. It was plus minus 100 meters high and as I saw it I immediatly draw my two friends attention that were arguing with each other.They were left with no words in there mouth, as i were aswell.I told my friends to come along
    With me, they responded only with no its cold. I immediatly got out of the car we were sitting in and went closer. As i got closer it started moving slowly sideways towards the bush until i could not see it anymore where it went down into the trees.The time was at 5.23pm

  7. Chaven Yenketswamy

    I only have long exposure photos of deep sky moving objects taken through a telescope or DSLR lens. Because the object is moving it looks like a line whilst stars appear as dots. Iam certain they satellites.

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