Bright Yellow UFO | Pretoria

Place: Lynnwood, Pretoria
Time and date: 19h57 to 19h59, 3 Jan 2013
Submitted by: Frank Ferreira

At 19h57 on 3 Jan 2013 a bright yellow dot appeared from the North, and moved in total silence and at constant speed (much faster than a low-level satellite) on a course due South-East. Elevation peaked at around 70 degrees, then lowering again as it traveled away, disappearing when my view was obstructed by some trees to the South-East.

It passed through just below Jupiter and appeared just as bright by comparison. It was much brighter than Sirius, easy to compare when it passed just above the dog- star.

Also of importance the fact that the apparent brightness did not change at all throughout the journey. (Satellites appear to change from our viewpoint depending on the critical angle of reflection of the Sun off the solar panels throughout the trajectory) This one did not. This was no aircraft, weather balloon, etc.

I’ve never seen anything like this before. 2 minutes I won’t forget in a hurry.

One thought on “Bright Yellow UFO | Pretoria

  1. I saw much the same thing yesterday (30 April 2016) in Kyalami. I was lying on a deck chair when I noticed a bright yellow dot traveling silently through the air. At first I thought it was a balloon but it wasn’t moving like one and was the wrong size – it was moving with purpose across the sky from the west to the east. It was too high (above the clouds) to be a drone. I would would estimate it to be much bigger than a balloon but possibly smaller than an airplane. It appeared and disappeared within maybe 2 minutes.

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