Bright white light hovering and then moving at great speed

Date: 21/05/2016
Time: 05:35 pm
Place: Durban/Umhlanga
Submitted by: C

My eye was caught from outside my wide open bedroom window, I could see very clearly and at a reasonably close distance this bright white orb (circular) moving to the left and away from me slowly, and then stopping mid air for a second or two. It was quite clearly not a plane as I see these every day as I live under the air traffic from the King Shaka Int. airport and it was definitely not a helicopter as there was no noise or recognizable outline that a heli/plane would have. After it was done hovering for a few seconds it started gaining speed and was flying generally away from me in the sky whilst gaining altitude as well. (towards the full moon)

The weird part comes where it started travelling so fast that it was quite clearly becoming smaller as I was watching it move away to the point that it became really tiny but still very bright. It was also moving slightly to the left from where I was watching from so I could see it was moving and not just becoming more dull. At one point it either it was too far away or had it just vanished into the sky, I never lost sight of it over the horizon or anything it quite literally vanished, either due to the speed or some other reason I guess. This all took place in under a minute.

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