Bright star-like object

Date: 22/11/2018
Time: 06:25 pm
Place: Edenvale
Submitted by: Sean


My wife and I were walking outside to go to the shops. I looked up and saw a bright star-like thing. Was almost directly overhead and not moving. It was too early/bright for a star and too high in the sky for Venus (90 degrees/overhead). So I ran back inside for my binoculars. Because it was directly above I had to lay on the grass to hold the binoculars steady. It wasn’t a star. It looked translucent like a jellyfish and wasn’t round, but I couldn’t discern the shape. I double checked the focus by focusing on the moon. It was definitely not a star. I got up off the grass because we had to leave and tried to find it again when I got to my feet and it was gone. Was as bright as Venus and just disappeared in a couple seconds.

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