Bright star light (Niburu?) for hours in JHB then dissapears

Date: 11/02/2017
Time: 08:04 pm
Place: JHB from Melville area
Submitted by: Cheezy


I looked up and saw the moon on the left and a bright star to the right (not the north star) It lingered there for at least two hours, when we looked up again it was gone? What was it? anyone can confirm? see the pics moon left start right

4 thoughts on “Bright star light (Niburu?) for hours in JHB then dissapears

  1. Larissa Riley

    I saw something tonight and it might be the same thing, although I can not see your photos. We are in Van Wyksdorp in the Western Cape. I did manage to take two pictures and will post if possible.

  2. I witnessed this too, it was very bright and at first I thought it was the landing spotlight of an aircraft but it remained in the same position for about two hours. I really cannot think of what it might have been.

  3. Could’ve been a number of planets. Mars, Saturn and Uranus have all been fairly “close” to each other over the past few weeks

  4. I’m in Cape Town and I’ve seen this too. Some nights it’s there and other times not. It’s especially big and bright before 6 in the morning.

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