Bright Star Disappearing and Reappearing constantly in Western Sky

Date: 15/01/2017
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Johannesburg, South Africa
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I was observing what I thought was Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, but then I noticed that the bight object that was stationary became brighter and bigger, after afew minutes it went dim and disappeared, it kept on reappearing, yet not moving.

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  1. I was just about to report the same thing
    I saw it overhead while smoking outside, it appeared to move from South to North in that direction, dim and bright flashing moving in a straight line but around 10pm tonight. possibly the same that you saw

  2. Hi,
    Has anyone figured out what this light is? We saw it last week (Lydenburg) We first thought it might just be a “nice view” of Venus and dismissed it. The next evening it was not there though. We did not see it for a few days, and tonight it was back. The light stays stationary (a plane flew by so we could clearly see the differance and that it was not a plane), it only dims – basically disappearing – and then comes back to a VERY bright white light. Any ideas?

  3. Just happened here in American fork utah it was amazingly bright my girl and I were watching it then all of a sudden it dimmed out and turned into like 8 objects and disappeared. I was taking pictures of it and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

  4. Where are the pic’s Matt? Pretty much sounds to me like upper clouds moving over the view of the bright star. Pic’s would be cool though…. I am forever curious.

  5. I am in south Africa. Tonight I was driving looking up towards Arcturus. Suddenly I saw a very bright star, to the left of it, that flashed twice and dissappeared. Did anyone else see that ?
    Very strange any ideas what it was ?

    • It was at around 7:15pm

    • Tonight over Southeastern PA about 9pm I saw the same thing a little left of between Phad and Megrez in the big Dipper. Looked like a star, but much brighter by about 3x. Didn’t seem to move at all. I was looking at the big Dipper for a moment. Looked away to talk to my dog. Looked back and there it was. Started to dim quickly and then it was gone. I kept looking in the same spot and reappeared after about 7 seconds or so and dimmed quickly again lasting for about 2 – 3 seconds each time I saw it. It didn’t slowly appear in the sky. It just appeared bright and dimmed. Was pretty cool.

  6. So i’ve been seeing that same thing from my bedroom window since this July… Does anyone know what it is? It usually disappears around 4 A.M. but this time it stayed till 6 : 30 A.M.

  7. Any news about this star, ive been observing it for days, i just keep on staring at it las 3days ago, and i decided to tale a shower but then when i comes out and look for it its gone no where to be found, and just to night i seen it again., i satre at it again for about 5mins , its bright light is fascinating but then i have to do something, and when i comes back to starr at it again ita already gone., im wondering what might it be., im here in north jeddah saudi arabia

  8. Perhaps its a star going supernova. Or an irridium flash from a satellite (doubtfull)
    Heres a Nasa article of something similar

  9. James Michael Church

    Bout 3am. Ssw sky. Bout 40 to 45 degree from horizon. Bright star. No clouds. Bright star. To nakid eye looked like 4 dots clustered together. Got very bright then went dim then got realy bright then almost gone then came back then went away then got bright. Watched bout 10 to 15 min. Did this over and over. Bright was longer time. Was not moveing at all. Any ideas? No not a starlight or shooting star. In Moscow Idaho. thanks

    • Del Sanborn

      We have been watching the same thing for the last two nights! My sky view app says it is Jupiter. That does not account for the brughtening and dimming that it does on a regular basis. Never seen anything like it. Right inthe SSW sky right out our back door. Sandpoint Idaho.

  10. On a clear night sky, A yellow star that seems to be flickering green red but was dominatly yellow disapereas. It was facing South below the moon. I watched it for a few minutes before going inside. I come back out and it’s gone.

  11. I saw a yellow star that disappeared and reappeard. It flashes twice and now I can’t see it anymore. It happened last night too around 11:00 pm same as today. I’m so much curious “is it a star or not”.

  12. I saw a yellow star that disappeared and reappeared. It flashes twice and now it completely disappeared. I just saw one last night too around 11:00 pm same as tonight. I’m so much curious though “is it a star or not?”

  13. It is Tuesday June 26, 2018 and I live in Marrero, Jefferson parish and I was looking out my front window at what I thought was the brightest star I have ever seen and then it just disappeared and came back a few seconds later and it looked like it was casting out little lights from its right side, the lights being cast out were tiny, it almost looked like as if someone would throw sprinkles. I whatched this form 10:00pm to 10:15pm. , it is still in the sky but not moving at all and I really do not believe that it is a star and it’s definitely not a plan. But the strange thing about when it disappeared was that the light went out and it had a weird shape in the dark and then got really bright again. Has anyone else around Louisiana-Jefferson parish seen this happen in there area.

  14. I saw the same thing. Really bright star. But it started to disappear and a flashlight looking glow emitted from the top as the bottom half disappeared and then it just went dark leaving a cloud or smoke or light looking spot in its place for approx 3 minutes before it gradually appeared and became bright once more without the glowing light. I thought it was a satellite but tonight its in the exact same spot at the same time as last night. No disappearing tonight though.

  15. I’m in Cleveland, OH and this is the second time I’ve seen this bright firey light. It fades in and out and doesn’t move much. You would think it was the brightest “star” in the sky and all of a sudden goes dim. I have no clue what it could be but would love to know. I’ll continue doing research and keeping my eyes to the sky…

  16. Saw a bright orange star that went dull then bright about every minute or so it continued for while but had to go inside because of the cold but when it went dull it looked like there was two stars very close together. I had saw at Bonnie Doon Melbourne Australia did anyone know what it was 20/7/18

  17. Mars is extremely bright and orange and will be for the next 16 years. About 5 nights ago was the brightest I’ve ever seen any star (planet) in 27 years. Been seeing many weird sightings lately but people should be aware of the Mars situation.

  18. I live in mobile Alabama and have seen the same thing. The light appears then disappears and the reappears in a different place.

  19. Hi live in South Africa and the bright start seems to be brighter by the day (night)..

  20. I’ve been experiencing the same thing, a very bright orange star (It could almost be described as burning, as it flickers on and off every couple of minutes). It’s located south – east in the night sky (In mecklenburg vorperman, Germany). I originally believed it to be a dying star but seeing all these other accounts of the same phenomenon, I am now not so sure of myself as it would have died by now…

    Any ideas as to what it may be? It’ll be great to find out and will finally put my mind at ease 😂

  21. stephen richardson

    I have seen the same thing in Welington New Zealand.
    Comment above which I also have seen in exact same detail – “Bright star. To nakid eye looked like 4 dots clustered together. Got very bright then went dim then got realy bright then almost gone then came back then went away then got bright”

  22. Ive seen it here in the Caribbean it appears big and bright…then it disappears for a day or two then reappear…it would be visible for lets say 2 hours then disappears for a few then reappears…no clouds clear skies….so strange…star or ship??

  23. Ive seen it here in the Caribbean it appears big and bright…then it disappears for a day or two then reappear…it would be visible for lets say 2 hours then disappears for a few then reappears…no clouds clear skies….so strange…star or ship??

  24. We are looking at it now but the crazy thing is it was completely south of us & the only thing in the sky besides it is one white star that was a little higher to the west of it. Went in for a minute & came back out & the star was still in same spot but the orange thing had moved to the north of us a major distance. So odd. We have been seeing it & it fade away, comes back & once waited & saw it fade back into the distance like moving backwards & Gabe been seeing this since June & us & others saw it move across the sky looked up & pointed & it stopped. No kidding. We were seeing two at one time. In different spots. This is weird & cannot be a planet or anything. I want to know what it is!?! Maybe it’s just a God thing. It’s like it turns it’s lights out then will go to lookin like a regular star.

  25. Just saw something similar. Dim light moving then it would shine very brightly in irregular intervals. It moved east then quickly changed course to the south west.
    Phenomena lasted approximately 5-7 mins
    I am in southern Alberta.

  26. This evening, around 9pm, I observed in NE sky a flashing bright light that I thought most likely was a plane or satellite at first, however, the light became stationary after moving a short distance. It brightly flashed a few more times, then slowly faded. I got the impression it was moving away rather than disappearing as it seemed to be getting smaller before it was gone.

    • Diane du Preez

      I saw this too, same time, just before 9pm. But in the West or NW. I think its Venus. It sets at this time in South Africa. It looks very odd disappearing and reappearing then eventually fading and gone out of site. Hard to understand how this works but planets rise and then set. Like the sun I suppose. Planets are wandering stars according to the bible.

  27. Ive been seeing stars move alot lately Ive even seen up to two or three move in different directions. Clearly it is Gods glory for only God can do such extraordinary works.

  28. Oct.12 2018 me and 3 other of my friends witnessed this last night! it didn’t move. but I went out to smoke and noticed it get really bright out of the corner of my eye. So I decided to watch it for a little bit naturally curious and then it dimmed completely out, no light at all! Then it came back this is about the time my friends showed up and I told them about it and sounding like a crazy person because it was really bright and looked like a regular star now. as I’m telling them about what just happened watching it of course it dimmed out turned kinda red before the light disappeared again for probably a minute and dimmed back in!!! this time everyone was there to witness it, one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen!

  29. Hidden secrets

    I am from Northeast part of Georgia near Athens where UGA is located. I’ve been experiencing the same sightings for almost a yr now. I have been telling my family that I have a friend that comes to visit every now and then. It’s usually every night though. An amazingly bright light. To bright to be a star and definitely not an airplane. I know for sure it’s not an bc we have two small airports in the town next to me. I’m use to seeing and hearing those day n night. So when you notice something like this it really stands out. I have one extremely bright light that is usually right in my front yard. There is also two more I see every night on each side of the house but a lot further in distance. I thought I was perhaps losing my mind and turning into one of those crazy ppl everyone laughs at. You know those ppl screaming UFOs abducted me. That is until my 14 yr old niece was walking with me one night outside after dark. I have a very long driveway and I live in the country. I was pregnant and trying to get some exercise. When we first came out to go for our walk. I notice the extremely bright light. I pointed at it and said look there’s my friend. I even giggled bc my niece looked perplexed. I said that thing is always there then it just disappears like someone turn a light switch off. Sometimes it just shots straight up in the air and disappears within a sec. She giggled and brushed it off. As we were walking I told her I was serious and I wasnt crazy lol. She said it’s just a really bright star. So we stood there and was about to start comparing it to other stars when all the sudden it shot up and disappeared. It all happened within a sec. She started to freak out. It shocked her so bad she wanted to go in. The next night we come back out and sure enough it was there again. It’s usually always in the same spot. If not it’s only slightly moved. She freaked out and said omgosh it’s back. We were outside maybe 10 mins watching it bc now she is amazed. Then it goes dim this time and disappears. Now when shes here with my other niece and nephews. She will point it out and tell me my friend is back. Then tells everyone the story. It’s nice to have her as a witness. I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. It’s not here every single day now its every couple of days now. I have just accepted that i have seen a unexplainable and unidentified object a bunch of times now. I don’t know what others believe but I believe in God wholeheartedly. I now also believe that there are others in the universe. I think we couldnt possible be the only ones seeing these and I’m positive we are just the ones not being told about them. I’ve watched enough movies and know so many ex military personnel to know. If we see these bright lighted objects then so can the government and scientists. They have to have been researched by now. The sightings have gone back to the beginning of area 51 days . Now the news stations are reporting them. You gonna tell me with the technology and the advancements in technology every single day. That nobody has every looked into this?!?! Nah not believable. There wouldn’t be sighting this close and this often going unnoticed and unattended by the government we have.

  30. Yeah I’m from Connecticut, the greater Hartford area and i’ve seen this for the past couple nights. Quite strange indeed.

  31. Saw what sounds like this in South NJ USA this early morning. A bright object towards the south. Took binoculars out, was definitely not a plane. Referenced stargazing app on phone, not a registered celestial object within the solar system. Flight tracker app said it’s not a plane. Watched it for almost an hour as it moved at the rate of the rotation of the planet. White, dimming from the brightness of moon – with ~1/6 diameter – to 1/4 brightness of the moon. Had a unique hue with more towards its bottom, could be from haze/atmosphere. Bottom hue had coloring to it, greens/reds. Brightest “star” in the sky by far. Was thinking supernova? Weird with Christmas being a few days away… Will check tomorrow night.

  32. Durban- South Africa

    So it’s 3am and I’m awake.
    The bed happens to face the glass door and I noticed this cross like bright light in the clear yet navy sky .. amazed I decided to stare and a few minutes later the cross dimmed. Strange though because there were no clouds. It kept dimming and seemed to be moving away. Certain it was not a plane.

    Hmmm anyone with feedback?

  33. Uk. 6:30-7:00 am sat watching the brightest star in the sky from bedroom windows.its soooo bright and then slowly dims and then disappears some seconds later reappears. It’s not moving from it’s spot it’s so stranger

  34. Antonio "Grrr" Fredericks

    Hi all, in Durban South Africa. spotted this same bright/dim star early hours of the morning around 3am. been watching it for like an hour…. it does act stranger than the other stars and there does seem to be some movement but i dont think its in sync with the movement of the other stars. it really gets so bright that there is actually a very radiant glow/aura around it. It sure does leave me with more wonders about this flat earth

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