Bright Star Disappearing and Reappearing constantly in Western Sky

Date: 15/01/2017
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Johannesburg, South Africa
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I was observing what I thought was Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, but then I noticed that the bight object that was stationary became brighter and bigger, after afew minutes it went dim and disappeared, it kept on reappearing, yet not moving.

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  1. I was just about to report the same thing
    I saw it overhead while smoking outside, it appeared to move from South to North in that direction, dim and bright flashing moving in a straight line but around 10pm tonight. possibly the same that you saw

  2. Hi,
    Has anyone figured out what this light is? We saw it last week (Lydenburg) We first thought it might just be a “nice view” of Venus and dismissed it. The next evening it was not there though. We did not see it for a few days, and tonight it was back. The light stays stationary (a plane flew by so we could clearly see the differance and that it was not a plane), it only dims – basically disappearing – and then comes back to a VERY bright white light. Any ideas?

  3. Just happened here in American fork utah it was amazingly bright my girl and I were watching it then all of a sudden it dimmed out and turned into like 8 objects and disappeared. I was taking pictures of it and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

  4. Where are the pic’s Matt? Pretty much sounds to me like upper clouds moving over the view of the bright star. Pic’s would be cool though…. I am forever curious.

  5. I am in south Africa. Tonight I was driving looking up towards Arcturus. Suddenly I saw a very bright star, to the left of it, that flashed twice and dissappeared. Did anyone else see that ?
    Very strange any ideas what it was ?

  6. So i’ve been seeing that same thing from my bedroom window since this July… Does anyone know what it is? It usually disappears around 4 A.M. but this time it stayed till 6 : 30 A.M.

  7. Any news about this star, ive been observing it for days, i just keep on staring at it las 3days ago, and i decided to tale a shower but then when i comes out and look for it its gone no where to be found, and just to night i seen it again., i satre at it again for about 5mins , its bright light is fascinating but then i have to do something, and when i comes back to starr at it again ita already gone., im wondering what might it be., im here in north jeddah saudi arabia

  8. Perhaps its a star going supernova. Or an irridium flash from a satellite (doubtfull)
    Heres a Nasa article of something similar

  9. James Michael Church

    Bout 3am. Ssw sky. Bout 40 to 45 degree from horizon. Bright star. No clouds. Bright star. To nakid eye looked like 4 dots clustered together. Got very bright then went dim then got realy bright then almost gone then came back then went away then got bright. Watched bout 10 to 15 min. Did this over and over. Bright was longer time. Was not moveing at all. Any ideas? No not a starlight or shooting star. In Moscow Idaho. thanks

    • Del Sanborn

      We have been watching the same thing for the last two nights! My sky view app says it is Jupiter. That does not account for the brughtening and dimming that it does on a regular basis. Never seen anything like it. Right inthe SSW sky right out our back door. Sandpoint Idaho.

  10. On a clear night sky, A yellow star that seems to be flickering green red but was dominatly yellow disapereas. It was facing South below the moon. I watched it for a few minutes before going inside. I come back out and it’s gone.

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