bright sphere next to moon

2019 /03 27 – 6:30 am – 9 am and still in the same position hasn’t moved.
I am in St James and I have witnessed with me. we happened to be outside looking at sunset, I looked back across mountain towards moon and noticed a flash of light on a brilliantly light object – I noticed it was very round and very still – my first reaction was balloon – but then as I studied it – it was not moving and stationed right next to moons 9 0-clock . i tehn grabed binoculares and tried to get a steady look at it – it is a shiny shere – tere was another rapid burst of flashes like a triple strobe – clouds moved in front accasionaly but it is stationary and still there ! you need to ajust your eyes to see it or use telescope or binocs – so if looking at moon put your thumb out – place thumb next to moon at 9 0-clock and the out side edge of thumb will give poistion – it hasnt moved !

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