Bright red light falles out the sky

15/01/2019 at about 19:10pm i was sitting out side with my girlfriend and her mom when a red light cought my girlfrinds moms eye she pointed it out it took a while to see because itbw as behind the trees so i didnt see it untill the gap in the trees. A prefect bright red light on the shape of a circle the light was really bright. Location just outside of sandton off Rivonia Rd near Rivonia junction

4 thoughts on “Bright red light falles out the sky

  1. Adrian Raffle

    I saw the exact same thing on Friday night from krugersdorp, west village as I happened to look towards the main road towards randfontein a huge red circular light caught the corner of my eye, it moved in an arch like manner, similar to A rainbows arch. Within a second or two it was gone, would really like for someone to share any info if any, or explanation to what it was. Thanks,

    Adrian Raffle

  2. Kasia Wojciechowska

    Hi there. On Saturday 16th of February at exactly 19h30. We were taking a walk to the boathouse in Hartebeespoort at Peaconwood estate and saw exactly what you described. I even took a video of it. It travelled for around 30 seconds and then just disappeared. It was travelling at a steady pace.

  3. Would love to see the video

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