Bright Red Light – Bothasig

Place: Bothasig
Time and date: 7:30pm 5/4/2013
Submitted by: John

Hi, I just saw something i can not explain, I went out for a smoke and saw this red object from a distance, and thought ok must be a plane because this time of the day 7:30pm planes usually fly past to the airport. I stay in Bothasig by the way.

But what i noticed what was different was that it was flying towards my house instead away from it. So I kept my eye on it and it past over my house with no and I mean no sound not even an engine which panes or cars make. It was a red light or ball or object. I just could not see the shape as the red light was bright nd to me it looked like it was scanning as it flew by heading towards the table view, blouberg area.

Have you heard anyone or reports about it today? (5/4/2013) I Never seen or experienced something like this so I’m sorry if it was not a UFO but you can see why I’m excited about this because I swear this is something I did not see before.

Anyways just want to know if someone else besides me has seen this tonight. Many Thanks, John.

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