Bright Red Balls of Light – Brackenfell + Photo

Place: Brackenfell, Cape Town
Time and date: 17 march 20:00 app
Submitted by: Frik and Michele

We saw 2 bright red balls hovering in the air above our house for 2 minutes before one just silently vanished and the other moving upwards and disappear. I took a video and picture. Very strange guys. ……….. Lots of activity at night lately in Brackenfell air strip. Our 3rd sighting in a month.


One thought on “Bright Red Balls of Light – Brackenfell + Photo

  1. I also saw this in the Brackenfell-area that night and once before in December.
    We called friends in Kuilsrivier to take a look and they could also clearly see them.
    They were far too bright to be lanterns or anything else I’ve ever seen.

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