Bright orb followed by unknown craft

Date: 28/06/2016
Time: 06:45 pm
Place: krugersdorp
Submitted by: Sheldon

I was relaxing on the couch after coming home from work and my eye was caught by a strange singular light that was in the sky. I rushed outside to take a closer look and even called my mom to come look. It moved at a slow pace and eventually started to dim and dissapear. About a minute after an unknown aircraft followed. It was triangular with 3 flashing lights what I could tell. It was definately not a plane. Lanseria aiport is nearby and many planes fly past and make noises. But this craft made no noise. Was I the only one to have seen this?

One thought on “Bright orb followed by unknown craft

  1. Saw the same bright light tonight in Centurion at around 19:00. Moved in a southerly direction and gradually faded out and disappeared. Initially thought it was a plane but as it went passed us there was no sound or lights associated with airplanes.

    We tried identifying the object using Flight Radar and Satellite AR but it could not be identified.

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