Bright Orange Orb | East London

Place: East London, Eastern Cape
Time and date: 2 August 2013 at 20:25
Submitted by: Amelia

A bright orange orb (I realized that is what you call it after research on your site) a bit bigger than a chinese lantern and absolutely soundless. It appeared in the sky in an area that we could observe between two buildings, at the height of a low flying aircraft.

My husband saw it and called me in a great panic. The light started off moving slowly and started accelerating rapidly. It was moving at a certain height, not ascending or descending, in a straight line, changing direction slightly before accelerating, moving out of our sight behind some trees.

We raced to the upper level of our house, to the front door just in time to see it vanish. Almost as if it accelerated into another dimension. I used to be a flight attendant years ago, and it was definitely not an aeroplane! We saw it moving over a space of +_3 km before it disappeared.

One thought on “Bright Orange Orb | East London

  1. I have seen them on quite a few occasions, I live in Blue Bend and have seen the coming in from the sea. I have seen singles, pairs and formations of about 6 all at night. They are silent. I also saw 5 in the middle of the day on Bonza Bay beach. I watch them with a friend for about 25 minutes. They ascended vertically until they disappeared. No noise, no smoke, nothing! They made up geometric shapes moving around as they went up. Triangles, squares ect. Very interesting!

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