Bright orange lights

Date: 05/09/2018
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Mitchell's Plain and grassy park
Submitted by: Ash


Bright orange lights seen, the 1st time I was walking across a small field to get to my friend, behind he’s place is a nature reserve. As I was walking was staring at something not realizing what I’m really staring at, taking my phone out immediately calling my friend to tell him to go outside now!!!, in which the way I said it he got scared thinking there was someone in he’s yard but in fact was a orange light couldn’t describe the shape was dark but the glowing orange was visible, I was so silly took the phone out to call but didn’t register in my mind to take a video or photo
Few months later I was driving to Mitchell’s Plain and something caught my eye in the sky……
Looking up at something I did not know what it was,was 3 orange lights.
Flying next to each other and the splitting up. They were very high.
I got to my destination came outside and took a smoke break, looking up I see those lights again, knowing that it can’t be a plane coz there’s no noise and also it’s couldn’t be a plane coz the planes that do come there is low and preparing to land so it’s a restricted area.
I looking at this what I don’t know what it is, I ask the people that’s looking at it with me what the hell it is.
Up till this day I never have found out what it is …. But I made sure I made the best out of that opportunity I took out my phone and captured it on video!
I’ll try to load it up again does not want to load
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