Bright Orange Lights in Pretoria

Time and date: 31 Des 2013 at 23:00
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Donald

Me and my wife noticed several bright orange lights moving in a western direction, they were moving much faster than the normal planes and no sound was heard. Saw some of them earlier at about 9 O’clock moving from east to south then at about 23:00. Saw a hole bunch of them moving together towards the west. Can anyone explain these weird lights? I tried to look through a telescope but they were too fast.

2 thoughts on “Bright Orange Lights in Pretoria

  1. Hi we also saw single orange bright light on 21 December at 8:20 and took a few pictures moving West to East, no noise, but moving under control, and then we saw exactly same orange bright light 1 January 2014 at about 8:19 going East to West, also took a few pictures. We are very interested to see what this is. Quite a few people living around us also saw this.

  2. I also saw these exact orange lights, the first time was on the 30th of December when I saw one. on new years eve I saw four of them moving independently of each other just before 12 and took two pictures.Just today I saw one move across the sky however in the distance this time. They make no noise at all and do not twinkle like stars sometimes they disappear (not really twinkle) for a brief moment and then later reappear and most importantly they move not at lighting fast speeds thou because you can clearly track them across the sky. If any one haa an idea what these object are please fill me in. I live in Phoenix Durban

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