Bright Orange Light – Constantia + Photo

UFO sighting constantia cape town

Place: Constantia, Cape Town
Time and date: friday 22nd at around 8pm
Submitted by: Jay

We saw a very bright orange light in the sky that travelled across in same direction each time from the mountain side ( to the right of my garden going to the left )but getting higher and then disappeared.

Twice it seemed like something black was then falling down after the light was gone but very hard to see as this was ext high up, this happened 9 times that we saw one after each other..was far away so couldn’t hear anything.and honestly don’t know what to make of it,if this is a sighting of a ufo or just something else but I cant think what else it could of been.

I managed to get a photo of the first one we saw and there after when ever I took a picture it showed nothing was there.

UFO sighting constantia cape town

3 thoughts on “Bright Orange Light – Constantia + Photo

  1. My family and I saw the exact same “objects” in the sky, almost in some pattern.
    First there was 3 then a while later 2, then 3 and the gone, but about as high as a 747 air bus and with a slight humming sound. I took photos, but crappy BB. We saw them coming from the East at 21:13 and then went west and vanished. I feel mad saying this, but it feels like no one else bothered to see or observe the night Sky.

  2. Gary Shearer

    My wife and I have seen the same things a few times!

    We live on Boyes Drive, and last year in September sitting outside watchong ths starts from our jacuzzi, TWICE saw what looked like satellites at first coming in from the East, then STOP above our house, and turn to the North (with sweeping powerful headlights), going higher and faster until they went totally out of sight.

    This month (February) on the 13th, we saw a bright orange light hanging in the sky just North of our house. I raced inside to get the telescope, and as I was focusing it, it started moving off Northwards (with no sound at all), higher and faster, until it disappeared.

    Drones, UFO’s, or some secret spy planes we have not yet been told about?

  3. My friends and i saw the same weird thing on Xmas eve! the light went from left to right then disappeared then reappeared the same original spot (or another one came) over and over again! since then ive always stopped to look for them. WHY isnt there more awareness!?

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