Bright orange and red trail in sky over Table Mountain

Date: 03/12/2017
Time: 10:15 pm
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Jakes


Firstly, I don’t do drugs. lol

My apartment faces tabel mountain with the Harbour behind me. When I lay on my couch I can see table mountain to my right.

I was busy watching golf when I noticed the sky brighten up in an orange/green tinge. I immediately thought it was a firecracker going off. As I shot up to look the light grew very bright orange in two trails. At this time I was expecting a loud firecracker bang as the trail moved quite slowly.

I moved to the window and out of nowhere the light went super bright orange in a double trail blaze and shot off behind table mountain. It looked like a blue light was emitted as it went behind the mountain.

I don’t get freaked by things. I’m a pretty logical engineer. That was no plane. I was so freaked out I was shouting. My fiancé came running to be told the story. She automatically said it was probably an asteroid. Which it could very well be….
But, the trail wasn’t long enough. The speed wasn’t consistent. It was moving slowly then sped up.

Anyway, fantastic experience. I felt this warmth to it all. Pretty freaked out.


7 thoughts on “Bright orange and red trail in sky over Table Mountain

  1. I’m just messing with you… 😉

  2. my girlfriend and i both saw it… we’re both logical skeptics but honestly that didnt look like an asteroid or meteor.

  3. My husband and I also saw it. We live in Sea Point and were walking on the promenade. We both stood still and said what was that?! It was beautiful and a nice experience.

  4. Very happy to hear we were not the only ones that saw this

  5. Could anyone post a pic of video for the rest of us to experience?

  6. Also saw it from Orange street Gardens sitting at Nona Lino facing table mountain… bright and brilliantly smooth movement didn’t appear man made or a meteorite and as if it landed on table mountain or thesuburbs behind…. very very bright 😎😇

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