3 thoughts on “Bright object in Western Cape

  1. Interesting, but would be helpful to include a photo that hasn’t been enlarged.

    Could you also provide some details surrounding the photos? i.e. time of sighting, viewing direction, height above horizon etc. etc.

  2. Hi dear, on 25 February we witnessed a very bright white star that was seriously close to Earth near Norwood in Johannesburg North. I could see it from Sydenham and it just stood still high in the sky even a passenger plane passed it, that’s how I knew it was too close. After 20 mins it was seen at a farther distance towards Sandton and it’s colour changed from white to red immediately and it stood there again. After another ten minutes it turned blue and then a few minutes it disappeared out of sight.

  3. Saw the same light earlier this week, my boyfriend thought it was a planet as it was so big and bright. was there for like 3minutes. Didnt think anything of it until it disappeared. This was in Pretoria August 2017.

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