Bright light traverses sky in silence at supersonic speed

Date: 18/08/2016
Time: 06:35 am
Place: Welgemoed North Cape Town
Submitted by: Jurgen


I was packing my vehicle at dawn. A large bright light appeared from behind a row of trees from direction NNW at approx. 40 degree to the horizon…passes at great speed overhead toward SE and disappeared after 2 seconds.
The altitude was low enough to disturb my peripheral vision.
I called my wife and child to comment on the sighting at which point we gazed in the departure direction to view a number of intermittent “lightening like explosions reflected from under and approach cloud bank SW direction.
To our amazement; Bright white mixed with crimson reflections were observed.
The light appeared circular and very bright…what perplexes me is the speed it traveled from horizon to the opposite side…in silence???

One thought on “Bright light traverses sky in silence at supersonic speed

  1. Jurgen
    That to me is much scarier than seeing
    the object itself , the fact that there is no sound at all!!
    I unfortunately did not witness your object but saw 2 here in Bethal and besides the no sound you start wondering who’s flying it!!

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