Bright light seen over Alberton

It was the Sunday night. I was relaxing in front of the TV and decided to go to bed around 21H30 and as i step outside to close a door, i noticed a bright red light in the sky standing completely still. It was cloudy weather so i thought it could be a plane or the moon but it didn’t move at all. I called my mother to check it out so we could guess what it could be. After a few minutes it went above to clouds and vanished. I stared at spot for a while afterwords to see what it could be but there was none.

4 thoughts on “Bright light seen over Alberton

  1. Calla Marie

    Oops misspelled: afterwards

  2. Kasia Wojciechowska

    We made a video of what we saw on the 16th of Feb at exactly 19h30 in Hartebeespoort
    Ourr was red however moving at a steady pace right across the sky. Then vanished.

  3. oh my word. I would not have believed it if I did not see it tonight at 20:45. six or more bright orange lights moving slowly downwards all at different spaces between each other but in a row and moving at the same space accompanied by sounds that I can only describe as the sound of thunder. It was so close at first we thought it was street lights, until it started flickering and then moving. Some would vanish and re-appear at different intervals. Then we saw something move next to it shaped like a disc with a what looked like a silver band around it, which almost immediately vanished. This was followed by red almost like jet lights moving towards the orange much larger lights, which then started to one by one disappeared. What is even more strange is that all the pics and videos I took came out completely black. Not even the street lights and houses show on the pics. I am leaving out alot because I can’t even comprehend what myself and my niece just saw. Especially where we live.

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