Bright Light over Sir Lowry’s Pass: Photos

Time and date: 28 September at 5:30 AM
Place: Sir Lowry’s Pass
Submitted by: Nici Janse van Rensburg

My mom and I was driving to Heidelberg Western Cape and drove through Sir Lowry’s Pass at about 5:30 am. We saw a very bright light in a north-east direction. Being in aviation myself I knew it couldn’t be a plane. It was quite high too, but not a star. I took a picture of it, zooming in on it to the max. It looked like a cell under a microscope! It wasn’t moving at all. As the sun raised all other stars disappeared but this light stayed. We had eyes on it until about 6:30ish, then it became overcast and we didn’t see it again. I called a friend in Johannesburg to see whether it might be a planet, but it seems that only that area could see it. The first picture is the close up of the second.

One thought on “Bright Light over Sir Lowry’s Pass: Photos

  1. On 30 September 2015 at about 20h30 my friend and I were travelling up Hospital Bend on the M3 towards Cape Town. At that point, my eyes were drawn off the road by about four (individual) lights in the sky. These lights appeared to be positioned in the corners of a massive square. More strange was that the appeared to be slowly spinning around each other and further appeared to be descending towards the mountain side on the left. My friend, who had been busy with a conversation on his mobile phone at the time, had utter surprise on his face and immediately cut his telephone conversation short. I was unable to take a photo with my phone as I was busy driving and also needed to concentrate on the road. We turned around a few minutes later but by then the lights were gone. Just thought I’d mention this jaw-dropping experience.

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