Bright light over Durban harbour entrance

bright lights over durban harbour

Time and date: 16 February 2014 in the morning
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Ashley

I was at a friends house on Sunday night, in the morning we noticed an extremely bright light just above Durban harbour’s entrance.

It was as bright as a spotlight, many times brighter than any stars in the sky. And was completely still for about an hour. Unfortunately I had to wait until it was a bit brighter to take the photo.

She also said that she saw the exact same thing a week prior. Same bright light, same place.

bright lights over durban harbour

2 thoughts on “Bright light over Durban harbour entrance

  1. As suggested, Ashley, in the Vanderbijlpark observation above this is almost certainly Venus, a very bright awe inspiring object in the eastern sky at sunrise at the moment. A great photo that clearly locates the position and time of the object.

  2. About 4:40am this morning I went outside the house with my wife to check on the dogs, my wife noticed this bright light moving in the sky. I told her I’ve seen this light before and its an ufo. Satelite is tiny. Man made aircrafts can’t fly that high. Maybe our planet is being studied just like how we are studying other planets. This is the third time now that I’ve seen this.

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