Bright Light Moving at High Speed – Pretoria

Place: Elarduspark, Pretoria
Time and date: 30/03/2013 at about 19h00
Submitted by: Grant

I was standing in my garden in Elarduspark, Pretoria at about 7pm on Saturday 30 March 2013, when I saw a bright light move effortlessly across the sky at high speed. It made no sound and had no tail.

It was moving horizontally and did not dip or loose altitude. It was much lower in the sky than a satellite and was significantly larger, and brighter. I live in Elarduspark in Pretoria, which is almost directly North of OR Tambo International Airport and as a result, I see many planes flying over my house having just taken off from OR Tambo.

The object (light) that I saw was at a slightly lower altitude as an airliner that had taken off at OR Tambo but moving much faster than an airliner. It was moving in a North easterly direction. It was an extremely bright round light (object) moving effortlessly at very high speed.

3 thoughts on “Bright Light Moving at High Speed – Pretoria

  1. Hi

    I think i saw the same think that you saw today, im in Cape Town and was in my back yard when i saw this red light flying low and i could not tell what shape it was as the light was bright and it fly at the same pace with no and i mean no sound. I have a question to ask, what colour was your object you saw?

    This is the first time i have experienced something like this and very intriged.


  2. I saw something tonight at around 17.20 (6/04/13 – Pretoria east). Looked like a boomarng with straight sides and around 9 lights. It seemed higher than a satellite and moved much faster. Definitely not an airplane. I’m posting this in the hope that someone else saw the same thing and replies to this.

    Completely and utterly mind-boggling, had shivers down my spine for the last hour……

  3. Hi, I am Gerty. We stay in Waterkloof Glen in the East of Pretoria and me and my husband saw a bright light at about 9:15 last night moving right over our roof. It was moving quite fast and it made no sound and it looked like a fireball with a burning tail. I would like to know if anyone else also saw this moving object last night. Regards Gerty

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