Bright light move over table mountian

Date: 12/05/2016
Time: 12:05 am
Place: CBD
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Standing outside my house. Partially overcast. Basically, it all happened very quickly. Ball of light moved ridiculously fast just above the cloud line. It first caught the corner of my eye moving over i clear spot in the sky. It then went over the clouds, and this is where it get trippy, i could see the light shining onto the physical cloud. Its not a plane, because it was moving incredibly fast , made no sound and it was extremely bright (white) in the night sky even when moving over the cloud cover. It had no light trail. I don’t think it was a meteor. I’ve seen photos of meteors entering our atmosphere and it looked nothing like it. Also it was about 5 (giving it the least of my speculations) the size a plane would be at that distance. I have no photo graphic prove as it happened very quickly.

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  1. yup I saw that as well. It came over Hout bay and seemed to dissapear into the ocean toward kommetjie

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