bright light Johannesburg south

Date: 23/05/2016
Time: 07:20 pm
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: costa

I was outside my house going to fetch my nephew and niece. I dont know what made me look up but I did, and I saw a light moving. I thought it was a plane but planes flicker lights and all. It was kind of high in the sky and stopped moving for a moment so I realised it could be a ufo. I took a video, I use a samsung s3 so the videos are good, you can see like a dot thing moving but its not as clear. When I went to switch off my car and looked back up it was just gone. I dont know if anyone will believe me I dont want to sound craze or obsurd. What do I do now after I this? Do I tell the police about what I saw or do I keep silent about this? I live in the south of Johannesburg. The only other person I told was my friend since shes always interested in stuff about freemasons n all.

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