bright light Johannesburg south

Date: 23/05/2016
Time: 07:20 pm
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: costa

I was outside my house going to fetch my nephew and niece. I dont know what made me look up but I did, and I saw a light moving. I thought it was a plane but planes flicker lights and all. It was kind of high in the sky and stopped moving for a moment so I realised it could be a ufo. I took a video, I use a samsung s3 so the videos are good, you can see like a dot thing moving but its not as clear. When I went to switch off my car and looked back up it was just gone. I dont know if anyone will believe me I dont want to sound craze or obsurd. What do I do now after I this? Do I tell the police about what I saw or do I keep silent about this? I live in the south of Johannesburg. The only other person I told was my friend since shes always interested in stuff about freemasons n all.

4 thoughts on “bright light Johannesburg south

  1. Christof van Tonder

    Where is the video you said you took?

  2. Christof van Tonder

    freemasons lol what does any of this have to do with them? weird

  3. costa makola

    haven’t been online for a while.. seems like hardly any one believes me ..i do have the video .. i showed one guy at work who does photography and videos and stuff and his the only one that basically stands by my statement but if you want it i could send it to you

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