Bright light in Hilton

Time and date: 31 October 2015 at ?
Place: Hilton, KZN
Submitted by: Kelso

Saturday night I was in Hilton overlooking the PMB area when my eye was drawn to a sudden white light that presented itself in the night sky. My initial impression was that it was an airplane and i was catching its “headlight” beam. However there was no accompanying flashing lights as one normally sees. This light rose quickly but steadily into the night sky progressively becoming dimmer as it started moving away towards the horizon. What made me really curious was at the same time on the horizon I noticed a aircraft moving from east to west. The time it took for the identified aircraft to move a quarter of the sky the other object had progressed almost beyond the horizon. So the object was most definitely moving faster than a normal passenger jet at I would guess at least 3-5x the normal rate. Another suspicion was that it was a meteorite of some sought but the change in direction and not signs of trail behind object made me suspicious. Anyways I thought I would share as I was unable to logically conclude what it was.

3 thoughts on “Bright light in Hilton

  1. I have seen the same as KZN siting Aug 2015 in Cape Town and again November 14 2015 in Pretoria

  2. brian metcalf

    Your siting sounds like the International Space Station passing acfoss the sky,it comes over SA ob a regular basis abd can sometimes be seen over a period of days. Brian.

    • Thanks Brian, I was also of the impression that is could be this…one thing that did get me was that it appeared to have an observable change in direction, although I am sure that perhaps if light reflected in the right manner and I saw it and the opportune moment it could present the illusion of change of direction.

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