Bright light but no sound, change in colour

Date: 13/04/2016
Time: 12:45 am
Place: Tweefontein area, Pretoria
Submitted by: S Steyn

Could not sleep, got up to drink a glass of milk. Saw a very bright star in a easterly direction. It started to move in a strange erratic pattern. Realized it was not a star. Very bright and big. Small red light left and green on the right side. As it came towards our house the bright light switched off. A strange horizontal line appeared below the position of the bright light. The horizontal line ran from left to right with a white line that turned purple when it neared to right side. It made no sound at all and move fast over the house and disappeared. It had no clear outline. Clear sky with no clouds. Object was also not very high up in the sky.

One thought on “Bright light but no sound, change in colour

  1. Very intressting… i saw almost the same thing in East London, same weird flight pattern or hovering pattern but no lights, just a white and green bright colour and the thing had no light emitting outside of it except if it would stop for approx. 6-8seconds then a green horizontal light emitted from the bottom of the thing. The green light was in a circular shape and i couldve almost seen the end of the green light but unfortunatly landscaping blocked my view for that.

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