Bright flashing object over Pietermaritzburg

Date: 05/08/2018
Time: 07:05 pm
Place: Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
Submitted by: Nick


My wife and I were driving up the N3 from Pietermaritzburg to Hilton after Church on Sunday evening. We entered the N3 from the Peter Brown on- ramp. Approximately 5km before the Hilton off-ramp my wife brought to my attention an extremely bright light sitting around the 3 o’clock position in the night sky to our right. My initial thoughts were that it was a plane flying into Oribi airport from the North. As we continued up the Highway we noticed that it was almost too bright to look directly at the object. My wife and I also noticed that it was moving forward very slowly at low altitude. It felt like we were in actual fact passing the object at a higher speed than it was moving. As we passed the slow moving object a number of different coloured flashing lights- red, blue, and green became visible and prominent on the object, and flashed intermittently on different parts of the object. The tail of the object was suddenly visible as a result of a blue border of lights which lit the tail up. Both my wife and I identified the tail immediately. We watched the object slowly move away in the opposite direction as we approached the Hilton off-ramp. The scale of the object was hard to establish however it was clearly as large as a Boeing 747. My wife and I have no explanation for what we saw and both immediately categorized it as some type of ufo.

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