Bright flashing light seen over Florida

Date: 03/12/2018
Time: 10:10 pm
Place: Florida
Submitted by: Jude


Me and 5 other family members witnessed, an intermittent bright light flashing in the night sky across multiple positions at different angles.
The light appeared to be accompanied by a larger dimmer object which it appeared to orbit in a 360 fashion intermittent and random flashes of a bluish white light as well as other brief spouts of colours seemed to appear around the dimmer object, however the secondary and active light object seemed to move spontaneously in precise andcontrolled movements and at considerable speeds, invisible to the eyes until a flash would indicate its new position around the central dimmer object. The objects moved to different locations within our field of view at rapid speeds and continued to flash intermittently during the event which lasted about 7 minutes. In the begining of the event, shortly after my fiance bought the light to mine and the family’s attention, Iquickly ran inside to fetch my military grade torch, and proceeded to run back out and begin flashing it at the craft, the crazy thing is the object appeared to react to the torches light immediately by flashing brighter and flickering for a few split seconds, it appeared as if they were moving closer to us for a few brief moments before disappearing over in a south easterly direction, we continued to watch the area in the sky in which we last saw the object, only to witness a bright stream of bright orange light apearing to leave the atmosphere.
We are in awe and in disbelief of what we all see in the sky tonight, we have some video footage, unfortunately it is of notoriously bad ufo video quality, except for the excitment and genuine disbelief you can hear in all of our voices.

3 thoughts on “Bright flashing light seen over Florida

  1. This sounds amazing. Please try post the video.

  2. Drean Venter

    It’s 07/12/2018, and at around 20:30 tonight my wife and I witnessed 3 moving objects to the south at around 60° (wild estimate). The same blinking as described here. After the blink I could follow it like a satelite as it moved but then soon lose sight again with the clouds. The flash was very bright and the objects were really high up.
    I waste my time spotting planes, so I can confidently say that it was much much higher up than any plane I’ve ever seen….

    To confirm, I checked FlightRadar24 and Flightfeeder (which I both supply a feed to from my own antenna), and on ‘Heavens Above’, an app that shows satelites in orbit… Nothing on either… Niks! Nada!!!

  3. Amazing.

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