Bright flashes like fireworks – Upper Houghton Ridge

Date: 08/04/2016
Time: 03:20 am
Place: Upper Houghton Ridge
Submitted by: Mark

I saw a series of bright flashes like fireworks behind the trees and above along a whole street that crackled and looked like a welder being used. There was no booms or bangs though that one would hear when rifles are fired or fireworks let off.
I thought that maybe someone was stealing electrical cables but I drove around there and could not find anything unusual? No reports on the local papers or news?
Anyone else see this?
Can anyone shed some ‘light’ on this!

3 thoughts on “Bright flashes like fireworks – Upper Houghton Ridge

  1. Very interesting report. Initially I would have thought of power flashes too.

    Just for some context. What were you doing being awake at 03:20am?

    Did you take note of any other ambient noise? Dogs barking or anything like that?
    Also, in what direction did the flashes come from and at what altitude?

    I’m also curious as to why you thought these may be UFO related? Im not doubting you, it’s just a question I always ask when discussing these things.


  2. My Son saw a Green Flash shoot across the Sky, South of Joburg, Ridgeway. This was at about 00:20 this morning (12.04.2016). He says it was as if a spot light had been put on outside his window, that’s how bright it was, and filled the whole sky.
    Maybe someone else saw it, or knows of it …

  3. Nicole Simone Lemour

    Hi around 00hoo myself n two other friends witnessed the sky light up in green. Bizzar having checked news feeds with no reports on the incident.

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