Bright Fiery Orange Light Cast Over Our Yard

Date: 01/03/2017
Time: 09:26 pm
Place: Heathfield, Cape Town
Submitted by: Candice


I was watching tv, our tv is positioned between the glass doors and windows overlooking the pool area. I dropped my head for 3 seconds to check my phone and when I looked up I saw this “Bright Fiery Orange Light” cast across the entire pool area of 20m x 12m with 2.2m hight boundary walls. I was looking out in an easterly direction across our neighbouring area “Sunbury Estate” with table mountain at my back. I immediately stood up thinking it must be a huge huge fire judging from the intense firey brightness. In shock I called out to my partner but within 2 seconds it dissapeared in a flash. This light was concentrated only over our pool area and very distinct. I was in such shock and could not act in time to take a photo with my phone.
If anyone experienced this ” Bright Fiery Orange Light” let me know. Thank you.

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