bright FAST LINE in a few milli-seconds

Date: 06/12/2016
Time: 11:40 pm
Place: from de tyger Parow looking to just north of Cape Town
Submitted by: JC


Here were a bright flash in a line of about 5 to 10 km long -no rain -few clouds but the strange thing was that it appeared and then dissipated in a moment. As I was closing my door for the night and looked right into the “happening” At first I thought its probably a meteor then an airplane past in that area and realized it were moving almost parallel to the ground… help me WTF was that

2 thoughts on “bright FAST LINE in a few milli-seconds

  1. Warren Simpson

    I think I witnessed the same in in Langebaan on the 10/12/2016

  2. I just saw the exact same thing now, in Mowbray area looking towards Table Mountain.

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