Bright comet or something over highway

Date: 15/06/2017
Time: 06:08 am
Place: Highway next to buccleuch n3 eastern bypass
Submitted by: Chere


My husband and I saw a bright glowing huge thing falling diagonally from the sky while driving this morning. It was glowing blue, white and yellow with a thick glowing trail. It shot across the sky and then looked as if it exploded but I don’t think it was something hitting the atmosphere because it was already much lower than that. It dissapated after that. I saw a lil something falling in the sky about a month ago (i posted a pic) but that was small and fell slowly and it was during the day. This was huge and amazing and it was still dark. I got such a fright I threw my makeup all over the car. Awesome. Maybe its an astroid or something but I dunno, it was an incredible sight.

3 thoughts on “Bright comet or something over highway

  1. Jaco Pieterse

    Thursday 15 June 2017 – 06h35

    Good morning, my name is Jaco Pieterse, and i live in Pretoria.

    I saw the same thing. I was driving to work, coming up in Stead Ave, heading south, towards Brooklyn, when my eye caught a bright light, moving across the sky, from west to east. This was at about 06h05, because the news was still on the radio. At first i thought it was a flare, but the angle was wrong. Then i thought it was a plane coming down, but it was too small for that. It looked like a comet, with a bright long tail. I could see sparks breaking of off the head.
    If you guys saw this in JHB, then it must have been a large object …
    I am burning to know what this was … My first thoughts now are that it might be a piece of satellite.
    I am just glad that i am not the only one that saw this. This is the only mention of it so far, that i could find on the net.

  2. I saw this this morning too!!! My son and I (so I knew I wasn’t hallucinating!) it just disappeared! I was honestly expecting an explosion!

  3. I have been intrigued by this all my life. Check out

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