Bright and Dim Lights in Cape Town

Place: Ou Kaapse Weg, Cape Town
Time and date: 19:30, 14 April 2013
Submitted by: Anon E. Mouse

We spotted it from the top of Ou Kaapse Weg. 2 lights, one bright and one dimmer. They were just hovering dead still. Altitude way too high for a helicopter.

After a few minutes the brighter one faded away, the dimmer grew brighter for a while, then also disappeared. Same thing happened roughly same location a about 2 months ago. Around September / October another sighting, similar, happened close to home in Noordhoek.

Time was around sunset weather was clear and windstill. Two lights, one bright one dim hovering directly overhead, then started moving very slowly towards horizon perfectly in sync. We stopped the car, switched off and got out. Not a sound! The lights faded as they moved off so we waited to see a silhouette, but nothing. Just gone.

I first thought that the light could be a reflection from the sunset – if they were high enough, it could’ve caught the last rays of the sun but then it made no sense that the light disappeared as they moved westwards. I hope I’m not the only one how saw these!

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