Bophutatswana UFO

It was summertime 1997 or 1998 and myself and my friends (there was about 6 of us on the day) were all in our early twenties. I am unclear of the exact time and date, as this was day was forgotten for years and I never would have spoken about it had I not seen this video 16 or so years later on Facebook, bringing back the memories of what we saw that day. Myself and friends went camping in Bophutatswana, as we often did in those days as we had special access to a great camping location on the main water reservoir. We went for a hike in the morning – it was blue, and clear – not a cloud in the sky. We were hiking great distances and often running or sprinting in between – celebrating our health and youth – jumping from large rock to large rock in-between the ridges of the ‘koppies’.

The day had two bizarre twists – the first was that we saw a ‘helicopter leaf’ float pretty much in the same spot unaided for what seemed like minutes – this was quickly explained as there was a fairly large crack between two big rocks where it was spinning in between and it was quite plausible that a draft was lifting the leaf just enough to keep on captivating us. I suppose the strange thing was there was no wind that day – the ‘spinning’ did just not look quite right – and I believe for all those watching it felt like we were witnessing a magical moment. At some stage, we all started arriving on a tall ridge with a valley below. All out of breath, we were gazing at the valley when suddenly about a kilometer or less away we noticed an object starting to glimmer and ‘light up’ (I recalled later attempting to explain this to some-one looking like someone setting fire to magnesium). The ‘ignition phase’ took probably a couple of seconds maximum, then the object with a near vertical arc cleared the sky and our field of vision (I’m talking about 30,000 feet+ worht of distance in a second or two). To be clear – it did not ‘take off’ or anything like that – It simply whipped through the sky within a second like it was suddenly swinging full speed on the end of huge whip. The movement and instant speed of the object breaking every law of thrust etc. There was no sound, there was no tearing noise – This thing was moving in its own vacuum unaffected by either gravity or any of the other forces which normally would impede flight on earth.

Neither myself, nor the others clearly saw the vehicle before ‘ignition’ or whatever you want to call it and it could have been cloaked until the moment of ignition (or perhaps we simply were not drawn to its location till that moment). The video on facebook though clearly demonstrates the approx size and shape of the object, and importantly the instantaneous flight which I attempted to describe above, and except for the aliens walking around (none of us observed any occupants) ; closely resembles my memories of the day. Perhaps the occupants were indeed close-by – entertaining us with those magical helicopter leaves – spinning around in mid-air and going no-where fast…

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