Boomerang UFO – Johannesburg

Date: 19 April 2015
Time: 20h30 (est.)
Submitted by: Claudia
Geo. Coordin.: 26° 6′ 0″ South, 27° 59′ 0″ East
Conditions: Clear, still
Location: Garden; looking directly above; facing south (Johannesburg)
Shape of object: Boomerang – outline only – as per drawing
Size: It’s obviously very difficult to ascertain the size, however, the drawing does represent the relative size from my viewing point
Direction: I drew in the location of the craft from when I first saw it (SSE) – it disappeared behind the tree line in my garden (NNW)
Duration: +/- 5 seconds

Short detailed description:

This is not the first time I have seen this type of craft (as reported in my MUFON 2014 report).
As mentioned – conditions were absolutely clear – no haze (which we see often in Johannesburg), no wind and no clouds. I was taking pictures of the sky and happened to look up at the very point this object just seemed to “appear” from SSE.
She (I just go with what my “heart” tells me at the time) was incredibly graceful and just seemed to glide overhead in a perfect straight line – no changes in speed or direction. She was beautiful and I felt privileged once again to have been able to witness her flight across the sky.

Note from the editor: Claudia, please send us your drawing to Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Boomerang UFO – Johannesburg

  1. Hi Claudia , I am sure this is the same craft that I have seen on 3 occasions
    in Meyerton although there is the difference where the single orange light on each of the wing ends fades to white spots until it becomes invisible , I cannot make out the shape of the craft , but looks very wide . On friday night 22nd May [always see this around 18.30 +- heading N or NNW] always silent
    But just before the craft went completely dark , it flew so slowly for just a moment I thought it was going to hover but it does demonstrate that graceful atitude. I had thought it to be the B2 Spirit stealth bomber , but that weighs in at 75 tons empty with capacity of 75 tons of fuel already +- 150 tons , heavy and graceful ? so what is this thing ?? but I am keen to see your sketch please.

    • Hi Mike.
      Many thanks for your input – I was honestly surprised, as one seldom sees a corroborating report… I have sent my sketch to the site administrator – hopefully it will help…

      • Good evening. Was there an upload done of Claudia’s sketch she sent through to Admin?


        • Hi Yes she did upload the sketch , what she had seen was a boomerang shaped wispy white line , possibly the leading edge of the craft

  2. Also looking forward to the sketch. We witnessed the above mentioned object a few times in PTA heading in a Northerly direction (along with many other things). Some we can explain some we can’t, the boomerang/chevron shape is one we can’t. We’ve spent nights camera in hand waiting, but twice we were unable to capture it. The white spots/lights to dim for the camera to focus. As a skeptic I convinced myself it was bird formation, but on a second occasion it came over head slow and silent and the movement was – well – graceful as it seems to be the only word to describe it. The only difference from the report above is the fact that there were equal number of spots/lights on each side, 4 to 7 if I had to guest and seems to simply dim away in the night sky.

  3. Hi All! We saw our first sighting on the 4 March 2016 above Hermanus Wester Cape. Flying NE to SW. Hubby and I were star gazing – very very clear night
    And saw only the outline of a boomerang shape. I have also done a drawing and was not aware that this was a common sighting- so am thrilled that you have seen it too. The aircraft to me was either transparent so that we could see the milky way through it. Or it had lots of dots on it. The outline was very clear though. Fast and quiet.

    Thanks for this! Would love to know what it was!


  4. We had a similar sighting on March 2010 in the South of Johannesburg. Our son was about 3 years old at the time. We arrived home after doing shopping at about 7:55 pm. Our son asked my wife why the moon was moving. My wife stepped back to have a look and that is when she saw a boomerang shaped, almost transparent object, moving across the sky. It had no lights, no sound and had a vapor, almost like a cloud, surrounding it. The strange thing is that it seemed to blend in with the night sky although we could still make out the shape. It must have been huge in size or flying very low. I will be in contact with you all shortly. It will be interesting to get together and share our experiences. You are not alone and not imagining these experiences. Keep well.

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