Blue/green light flying above PE

Date: 10/03/2017
Time: 02:20 am
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Tamryn


The curtains in my bedroom are lightly transparent, and I looked to the window and through the curtains I saw a blue/green light cruising through the sky. It had a tail, like a large blue shooting star, but moved much slower. I opened the curtains just in time to catch a glimpse of it before if disappeared behind the trees. It hasn’t come back out (it’s been about 20 minutes now). It was too large and too slow to be a shooting star, and if it were a meteorite it would have been white / yellow / orange right? Because it would ignite when entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Wish I’d gotten a photo of it before it disappeared behind the trees.

2 thoughts on “Blue/green light flying above PE

  1. Hi where did you spot this as we saw it from malabar port elizabeth

  2. Nompumelelo

    Me and my family are seeing the same thing right now at Mpumalanga ermelo.. Very creepy

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