Circular object appeared to be hovering / bright light did not move like a plane

Date: 15/05/2017
Time: 11:00 pm
Place: Just south of transnet building in johannesburg
Submitted by: Resident in Bez valley


My husband and I were watching TV, when I noticed a circle pulsating g with bright green, blue, red and orange lights. At first I thought it was a sattelite however it was hovering in one place definitely not an aeroplane. When I looked thru my binoculars it clearly hovered and the lights on the object pulsated it moved haphazardly up and down and rapidly not at all like an aeroplane eventually it flew into the distance. My husband was stunned. We have never seen anything like this . Exceptionally bright and pulsating light

Brown/Orange light observed moving rapidly

Date: 28/04/2017
Time: 09:20 pm
Place: Robertson
Submitted by: Wayne Bayman


My friend and I were doing deep sky astrophotography from his backyard when we both noticed and brown/orange light from underneath Jupiter (roughly between +20 and +30 degrees high and 50 degrees east) it took about 3 seconds to travel in a straight line in a westerly direction towards Procyon before we lost sight of it due to obstructions. There was no tail like in a meteorite and no flashing lights like a plane. In fact we observed about a dozen of airplanes traveling from the east towards Cape Town. It moved much slower than a meteorite and much much faster than any airplane or satellite we have ever observed.
We are both amateur astronomers of intermediate experience. Neither of us have an explanation for this. The best we have is that it might have been an asteroid in deep space that didn’t enter our atmosphere, however both of us think that the object was emitting its own light. No sound was heard and no trailing was seen. The viewing conditions were clear and dark.
Sadly we didn’t have our binoculars with us nor could we slew our telescopes to it.
We saw a number of meteors coming from the nearby Scorpiids shower over 27, 28 and 29 April and this was not one of those.

Boomerang shaped glider

Date: 03/05/2017
Time: 06:27 pm
Place: Potchefstroom
Submitted by: Chaven Yenketswamy


I was outdoors looking at Jupiter through my telescope facing east. I took a break from my eyepiece and cast a glance left and immediately saw a strange boomerang shaped gliding plane travelling North. It had strange glowing insignia under its wings.

Reflection in water of strange object

Date: 16/04/2017
Time: 05:45 pm
Place: Mookgophong
Submitted by: Hennie


My name is Hennie and I live near Mookgophong in the Limpopo province. On 16 April 2017 just after sundown I filmed the reflection of a strange object in the mirror smooth surface of a farmdam.
Because it was a totally windless afternoon the clouds reflected perfectly in the water and I decided to film a small island in the dam to create the effect that it float in the sky. (first part of the video).
Then I decided to try and film the reflection of my drone in the water. I had to gain height not to desturb the waters surface with the prop wash. I then recorded the image of the drone in the water. During this period I didn’t notice anything strange. The three people with me also did not see or hear anything.
It was only the following morning when I played back the recording that I saw the strange object.
I am including the YouTube link to the video.
Thank you

Starlike object moving then disappearing (not a plane)

Date: 28/04/2017
Time: 06:29 pm
Place: Eastern skies. Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: David Kaplan


It’s a clear night with stars shining. This looked exactly like a star but was moving. It wasn’t a plane because no flashing lights higher than a plane and didn’t move like a plane. I see lots of planes because the airport is in that direction and it didn’t look like a plane. It seemed higher and had a bright starlike glow. Again it looked exactly like a star. Same brightness. It moved south east reasonably quickly and then it faded quickly too. It was strange. Hence this report.

Unidentified object leaves white trail over Northwest Johannesburg

Date: 24/04/2017
Time: 05:01 pm
Place: Recorded from Blairgowrie Plaza
Submitted by: LPH


An unidentifiable object can be seen slowly decending through the atmosphere in the sky above Northwestern​ Johannesburg. Simultaneously on the opposite side of the sky a gigantic white strech of cloud appeared. It did not seem to stay long, as soon as it was noticed it was only visible for a further 2-3 minutes, before disappearing behind a dark section of clouds.

Green/Red lights

Date: 21/04/2017
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: 30km outside grahamstwon
Submitted by: Anonymous


Green and Red lights seen for past 5 months on a weekly basis night sky no noise not a drone. roughly 15+- min per sighting up to 3x a night. 1 – 2 objects seen occasionally