Object in sky

Date: 17/03/2018
Time: 03:30 am
Place: Milnerton
Submitted by: Michelle


This is the 2nd time we have spotted this flying object, it has green lights, sometimes red and just stays in the air like its waiting. it goes u little then comes down, very bright almost like a small fire ablaze in the sky. Just before sunrise it slowly dissapear behind the mountains and is gone before morning brings light. This is nothing natural and definitely not explanable!

Night watching

Date: 14/03/2018
Time: 08:30 pm
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Laura


We we looking up at the stars in where it looks like the 3 sisters. My fiance saw something very small, and round dash away, it was tiny and we lost it almost as fast as we saw it, but it was very high up and it was not a plane or a satellite.
In fact, the reason I came across your website was because, I was looking to see if anyone else saw it! 🙂

meandering ufo above Cape Town

Date: 11/03/2018
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Naz


While star gazing my boyf and i saw a medium sized star starting to move slowly to our right. at first we thought it was a private plane at a high altitude. it suddenly changed direction and dimmed and brightened as it slowly came to a stop. it flashed a white light similar to an airplane. but after it stopped it didnt flash anymore. it stood still for a whole minute and then it flashed a light so bright it lit up a section of the sky. that was quite amazing to witness. thereafter it seemed to turn and fly off into space because it moved only slightly in my line of vision but got progressively smaller.

Shape shifting object in sky| anomalous cloud-like shimmery object

Date: 09/03/2018
Time: 05:30 am
Place: Queensburgh, Durban
Submitted by:


Saw a shape shifting ufo this morning at around 5:30 am just as the sun was turning the tips of the medium grey clouds pink.
At first I thought it was a bird as a few were flying about but it stayed still for too long, then I thought it must be a distant plane, but it wasn’t moving any closer, further or in any direction for a long time.
The shape started to swivel about and I figured it must be a tiny cloud forming as it got bigger in circumference. It seemed more blurry compared to other clouds its size and the light wasn’t catching in a uniform way (it seemed to shimmer and light up at odd angles to the sun). Then it started to ‘fluff’ about faster – too fast for a windless sky (plus the other clouds- even the small ones- retained their shape and position the entire time).
It waxed and wained a couple times to a point of near invisibility each time, never sticking to one shape for longer than a second before waining a final time and completely disappearing for a bit. After less than a minute it appeared again towards a northerly direction along the horizon line (to the left in other words), where it did a repeat of the same shifty behavior before disappearing for good.

Green, Red and White flashing UFO Blouberg

Date: 25/10/2017
Time: 01:00 am
Place: Blouberg, WC
Submitted by:


Normally I can see a star outside my bedroom window clearly every so often in the same position, but for a few months in 2017, there was no sign of the star. One night I was working late and crawled into bed at about 12:30, after which I decided to take a look out the window to see if I could locate the star.

All I ended up seeing was a green and red flashing orb/UFO. Initially, I thought nothing of it until it dropped out of the sky at an extremely fast rate and then back to its inital position. I was sure this wasn’t a satellite or plane, as the action was too linear and the recovery back to its initalh position happened too fast.

The lights then changed to white and it would slowly drop every 30 minutes or so.

Every night after the incident I would check whether or not the object would repeat its action, but the object was no longer in sight.

Exactly 3 nights later, the orb reappeared and slowly jolted up and down every so often at the same time (01:00 AM), but this time the orb changed its flashing light colouration a few times.

2 nights later, the orb was no where in sight, but there was a deep humming and droning noise over my house at around 01:00 AM for 30 minutes before it stopped.

High Speed UFO

Date: 24/07/2013
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Silver Streams- Drakensburg
Submitted by: Matt


On the Evening of 24th July 2013, we were staying at Silver Streams Caravan Park in the Drakensburg. While sitting outside at about 9.30pm I spotted a strange flashing light in the sky. It would Increase in brightness from being “off” to fully “on” in about just less than a second. It would stay “on” for about four seconds and then turn “off.” It would then remain “off” for maybe 20 seconds. It looked much like a star, and I assume it was quite far away, but there is no way for me to tell if it was very high in the atmosphere, or quite close like a plane, but it simply shone like a star and looked pretty much like a star but definitely quite a bit brighter. I called my wife and pointed it out to her, and I also then called my friend to see it, and they both saw it and watched on with me. This strange flashing continued on for a minute or two. Over this period of time it had not moved in position at all. It seemed completely stationary. After all three of us had watched it for a while it finally turned “on” again and suddenly accelerated like nothing I have ever seen. It basically headed off in a dead straight line but not across the sky but rather simply away from earth and slightly to one side. From it’s stationary position, to being completely gone, it took what I can only estimate to have been a few split seconds to possibly a bit less then a second. Even though it was an incredibly short amount of time, it was still quite visible to us that it had an acceleration curve. In other words it did not simply hit max speed immediately, it definitely accelerated, but at a mind blowing speed/rate. To try and describe/explain the speed that it moved at, all I can do is to compare it to the fastest type of shooting star that can be seen in the sky. I would say it was a little faster, but also point out that this thing did not travel across the night sky like these shooting stars usually do. So the distance it travelled in that short time must have been phenomenal.

Out of the odd things UFO related that I have seen in my life this is most certainly the most significant, as no matter what it was, the speed at which it moved after being stationary for such a long period of time has really stuck with me. When I thought about the flashing on and off, I thought that it could have been almost anything that was “spinning” in the atmosphere or in space, and the light was merely being reflected off of it as it spun around. If that was all that happened I would have likely forgotten about it….but after seeing it move off like it did….all I can say is that I will never ever forget it and that I would like to somehow one day get answers as to what it was.

Green falling star but not

Date: 25/02/2018
Time: 09:40 am
Place: Weltevredenpark
Submitted by: Lyn


I was looking out the window last evening and saw a large, bright, round green light with a whitish tail streak across the sky going from northerly to south westerly direction. There was absolutely no sound, so it could not have been a plane crash (also none reported overnight). It was moving way faster than any high level aeroplane which sometimes passes overhead us and it appeared to be travelling level below the cloud cover, so it could not have been a falling star. It could also not have been a firework, as no sound preceded or followed it…and it did not fall directly downwards or in any arc. No idea what it could have been. It held a steady path. There was also no reflection up into or off of the clouds above. Sadly, I was not able to record it as it took but a second to pass overhead and out of sight.

Object seen in dark of night

Date: 16/02/2018
Time: 08:28 pm
Place: Paarl
Submitted by: W*


I was casually sitting on my stoop in the Eastern suburbs of Paarl, looking over the night sky to the north. My eyes wandered across the horizon, above the roof of the house across from us and I saw an object against the dark night sky. The object made no sound but a dim beam shone down. Now, how I saw the object with no light was the reflection of the city’s lights onto the object. I could see this dark object against the blue on the night. I saw it move in a northerly direction. The dim beam shone down in a cone shape – from close under the object to where the beam ‘ended’ was wider than where the light came from. The sighting lasted for about 5 seconds before it. I tried calling my Dad to witness but when he came out the object had faded and I could no longer see the shape in the direction it was heading.