3 Flying Saucers seen in Umhlanga Rocks 1996

When I was roughly 15 years old in June of 1996, we were standing on our balcony looking at the ocean and stars in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban. Both my Dad and I saw movement to our left, and as clear as day, we saw what can only be described as 3 “flying saucers”. They were next to each other, very low and moving relatively slowly out towards the ocean and towards Durban.

What amazing us was their silence, no engine noise or propeller sound at all, they had a matte grey color and similar to what is depicted as “UFO’S” in movies.

Still feels like yesterday when I saw them, and we now in 2019.

Moving object above Pinelands Cape Town 2019

I was lying outside on my back, looking up into the blue sky. I saw something, very very high, what seemed to be much higher than what planes fly – seeing that CT International Airport is just 5 minutes from me and I frequently see planes flying to / from airport.

This was what seemed like a white, round object with some sort of white light / aura. It was moving incredibly fast and it was making a turn in the sky like no plane can do. I have never seen this before, ever.

It came from Western direction, and made a curved turn, moving into the Southern direction. It shifted direction about 90°.

It went so fast, and it disappeared into the blue sky, when my eyes were unable to see it anymore. I saw it for maybe a total of no more than 10 seconds.

This is for sure unusual. I am positive this was an UFO.

Bright red light falles out the sky

15/01/2019 at about 19:10pm i was sitting out side with my girlfriend and her mom when a red light cought my girlfrinds moms eye she pointed it out it took a while to see because itbw as behind the trees so i didnt see it untill the gap in the trees. A prefect bright red light on the shape of a circle the light was really bright. Location just outside of sandton off Rivonia Rd near Rivonia junction

Red light hanging east of Welkom

This happened back in about 2012.One evening i was standing in my backyard when my eye caught a red light approaching from the direction of Hennenman.At first i thought it was a light plane coming in to land at Welkom Airport.All of a sudden this red light just stopped and hanged in mid air,but quite high,approximately over Riebeeckstad.For a few minutes it just hanged there and then started to ascent until in disappeared.To this day i don’t know what it was but what i do know that was no helicopter or airplane.

Bright shinning objects travelling across Durban

17th, January 2019 at 10:24am. Glenmore, Durban. I was outside with my wife and daughter when I looked up to see a bright shining object traveling from west to east. I thought it may have been a weather balloon reflecting light from the morning sun, but I’m not certain. Ten minutes later I witnessed possibly the same object travelling east to west towards Amanzimtoti. At this point it looked like two objects (one above the other) travelling across the sky. I couldn’t see anything binding the two objects together. The objects were too small. Objects made no sound. Brightly shining while travelling west to east but not so much travelling east to west. I couldn’t make out the shape. I have a video clip, but no clear photo.

Lights seen over Tulbagh Western Cape

Dates of sightings:
03 January 2019
04 January 2019
08 January 2019

I saw a strange light moving east in the night skies between 9:30 and 10:30 at uneven speeds and trajectories on the above mentioned dates in Tulbagh, Western Cape.

My partner and I have been looking up at the night skies since the beginning of this year while house-sitting. On the first mentioned date we saw a light moving over our heads in an eastern direction, moving at uneven speeds and emitting a light of various intensities at uneven intervals (Often a dim flash followed by a slightly brighter flash and then followed by a fairly bright flash)

On the last date we where visiting a friend at her house in the same location and saw a similar light moving slowly in the night sky again between 21:30 and 22:30. This light source again would emit white light by what seemed like random occasion at what seemed like random intensities and seemed to accelerate and slow down very rapidly, on this night a second light source performing similar manoeuvres was also seen and eventually disappeared in to the night sky.

These flying lights, did not have the typical, green, red and white lights of airplanes and seemed to move lower at times than the very common airplanes traffic in the area as well as very far above it, there was no sound being emitted from the light sources as they moved over the night skies. The airplane traffic is typically very audible.

Two ‘linked’ ‘satellites’ with respective changing trajectories in Durbanville

04-01-2019 at ~22H30

Upon gazing in the nights’ sky, I immediately noticed what I thought were two satellites nearby one another and clearly moving with different trajectories to one another. I thought this to be a pleasant coincidence, and based on their trajectories they should be moving away from each other as time went on. Then one seemed to shudder ever so slightly and momentarily pause, only to chamge trajectory and follow the other. The other also change trajectory a couple of times, until it was clearly evident that the two objects were inexplicably ‘linked’ or one following the other, but still separated. They were fine points of light, just lighter than a star but still sharp and precise. They almost certainly were from beyond the Earths atmosphere. The speed at which they moved was quite erratic. They ultimately seemed to move perpendicular to their original trajectory, but still erratic and almost ‘back-and-forth’ with one of the two clearly having a shudder-like pattern. I am an avid star-gazer and spot satellites as a hobby. Although these appeared to be satellites at first, their obvious change in trajectory and speed seem to counter this possibility.