light moving through clouds

Date: 17/07/2018
Time: 07:50 am
Place: Northern Suburb, western Cape
Submitted by: Charlie Mohammed


I was standing outside looking at the clouds and the sunbeams. I notice a round light coming from the moving towards the clouds as it when into the clouds it disappeared. Thought it was plane going through the clouds ,but nothing came out on the other side. it was too late to make a vid or a pic.

Strange star looking thing from my Alberton garden

Date: 11/07/2018
Time: 04:45 am
Place: Alberton
Submitted by: Ryan Seale


Was having a smoke when I woke up. Looked up and saw something that looked like a star. It started getting bigger. It was omitting light and it looked very strange it moved around slowly. I called my wife to have a look. She went back inside and it looked like it was flying away. I came out again and it was back. My photo you need to zoom in to see a shape

The Tall Grey

Date: 30/06/2018
Time: 01:45 am
Place: Horizon park
Submitted by: Feizel Abrahams


Good day

I don’t know who to speak to. I been looking and found this site. A few nights ago, I came home. After having walked into the house, I couldn’t find my wallet. I went back outside to find it. After using my fone to find it in the dark, I picked it up and was frozen in shock and complete silence, as I looked up, standing four metres away from me was a Tall Grey. It was lit very well by the street light. And the moonlight. It stood outside my yard. It was taller than the wall.

It stood there. Long limbs. Somewhat muscular. Very heavy on its feet as it walked past. A very small mouth. It’s eyes were a dark black and almost pearl appearance. A small thin neck and a large elongated and boulbed head. only had four fingers. It walked slowly past. And it felt as though it wanted me to follow it. It went past the wall and looked back again. It stood for a few seconds. It made a soft sound. More like the sound that a cat would make, or a toddler would make trying to pronounce words.

It walked away. Dogs in the area were dead silent. Almost a silence that was deafening. I stood there, closing my eyes. And I heard it walk away. To afraid to move, I stood there. Walking very fast into the house, I went into the kitchen. Put the light off and stood there
That’s when I heard the dogs in the street go Ballistic. When I came to my senses, I was laying in my bed. When I looked at the time it was 4am. I came home, just before 2am. What happened to my hours? This is not the first time I have seen this EBE. I saw it on a rainy night in 1993 after my dad a asked me to go investigate, why the dog was barking all night. It was precisely the same type of being.
This time, it was different. I have missing time here. I need to speak to a professional about this. I cannot account for the missing time. I don’t know what I was doing, or, where I was for two hours of my evening !

Michael Tellinger is one of the experts on this type of encounters. I need to contact someone. Or can someone contact me please or come see me? There has been a lot of activity on the Westrand lately.

This is my experience and it’s not the first time.

Someone contact me please? I have more to tell.

Meteor-like fall, now wisping small cloud effect?

Date: 04/07/2018
Time: 07:00 am
Place: Driving close to CPT airport looking towards Hottentots Holland Mountains
Submitted by:


First observed a few weeks ago what looked like a `meteor’ at around 7am. Clear, cold morning-sky, zero cloud cover. It looked like a orange-yellow light streaming across the sky towards the Paarl area. Movement was quite slow and controlled not what you would expect since it looked more like a `low atmosphere’ comet travelling and substantially faster than anything in aviation. It disappeared before reaching the horizon and after it did, there appeared two what looked like semi-circular columns standing stationary in the air over the mountains in that region, adjacent to the trajectory just described above. Both these also seemed quite a distance apart would guess 10-15 km, just poised above the horizon. These look like a waxing orb being illuminated by the rising sun over those mountains – hence a semi-circular appearance as if someone just took a paintbrush and created 2 wisping small clouds in the middle of nowhere being illuminated by the rising sun. It disappeared as I was headed towards the Bellville region. Since then at sunrise on a clear-cold-crisp morning have seen just these waxing orbs (now three), as last seen this morning. By about 7.30am from Bellville region looking again in that direction, and with the sun now more risen, it can’t be seen anymore perhaps since its reflection (of the sun) can only be seen closer to the airport i.e it is more striking (the reflection of light) from that airport/N2 area. Is this perhaps some weather observing machinery, thermals in that area creating a small cloud (very small) that causes condensation that the rising sun illuminates? Why can I only see it when driving that way in the morning and on extremely cold mornings with almost zero cloud cover in that region. It is so obvious I want to stop my vehicle and get others to see it too. It looks unimpressive at the moment although quite bizzare in itself, but coupled with the comet-like object that was seen with it a few weeks ago – very strange.

Falling light that disappeared

Date: 12/06/2018
Time: 08:20 pm
Place: Rustenburg
Submitted by: KayAss


My friends I saw an orange beam or ball of light falling from the sky. It wasn’t falling at the speed you’d expect it to if it was a falling rock or rocket. It was falling at a controlled pace. It showed signs of intelligence behind its mobility. It was slow and precise in it’s direction.. and before I could take the video of the falling light, it suddenly disappeared, leaving a sky full of emptiness. There were no sounds,m and no smells. It never even hit the surface of the earth. It disappeared as soon as it got close to the mountain top, before it even got close enough to land on it.

Strange wobbling light hovering due west – regular sighting

Date: 12/06/2018
Time: 08:10 pm
Place: Scarborough Cape Town
Submitted by: Anon


White light pulsing different colours, moving erratically. Seems to have a vertical piece above it. A thin white line above its core. The whole piece drifts up and down. Wiggling, the motionless then moving again. Can drift quite a distance then comes back. Always seen due West over the ocean. It is always visible for about an hour or two almost every third or fourth night. Have seen this strange occurrence six times now. Our neighbours have seen it as well.

Shiny Disc Object

Date: 07/06/2018
Time: 11:01 am
Place: N12 Elandsfontein – on way to Alberton
Submitted by: Anonymous


Was on the highway and noticed a disc shaped object (as it turned it in the air i saw light reflect off metal surface) cut across from left to right side. What made it all strange was that there was an aeroplane just above it in the sky. The day was perfect blue sky day with no clouds. The object suddenly stopped in mid air and was static. I thought it could be a drone but it wasn’t. While on the highway (i couldn’t stop) took a photo and video (which already was a dangerous move). You will see the moon and if you zoom in you will see a TINY white spot. When i first saw it it didn’t look this small (think the it came out smaller in photo).

Moving Stars over Roodepoort

Date: 04/06/2018
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Roodepoort West
Submitted by:


Im a educated professional but this blew my mind. It started a few weeks ago for me. I’ve been tracking an orange star that disappearshe just as quickly as it appears. On Monday evening after putting my little one to bed I looked out my window and saw one big bright “star” flickering a lot more that an other star in the sky.(opposite direction of the orange 8th I usually track) Watched it for a while, as I closed the curtain it caught my attention when it moved up, back and and forth then down. Thought it was my imagination. But then suddenly the sky was filled with stars. Then i realised they were moving in unison. They don’t all flicker at once but when they did I saw they formed an arc shape that looked like it was hovering by movement in relation they hey each other. Soon after that there was a streak of light (looks like a shooting star but going upward direction) Very weird. No noise, no aeroplanes, no birds. It was silent. If anyone is out in that area please just watch the big stars…… just watch what they do.