Black UFO

Time and date: At 6:10pm on 15th March 2014.
Place: ?
Submitted by: Alison Fourie

I took my dogs outside and as always was looking up in the sky, there were many swallows flying around, as I looked around I spotted a black object higher than the swallows, flying in a straight line from North to East. As it went along, it was flying underneath the clouds which were wispy white/grey clouds, more blue sly than clouds. I called my daughter to come and see.

I am wondering if this is the same object that we have seen on 3 previous occasions but this time in the daylight the object is black whereby late at night the object is orange in colour. On 2 occasions the object at night was on the same path as this object. It was not a lantern as lanterns do not fly in straight lines across the sky, it was not a plane or helicopter. We live close to an airport so are used to planes flying over. This object had no sound. A plane at this height can be heard.

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