Black triangular shaped over Lakeside

Time and date: 12 June 2014 at 4:10 PM
Place: Lakeside, Cape Town
Submitted by: Leisl Sutton

Just spotted a black triangular shaped object over Lakeside in Cape Town. Had just reached the top section of Ou Kaapse Weg heading home, so was about 4:10pm. As I rounded the corner at the top I saw it in the sky. Black in colour and at first I thought it was a jet but the passenger in my car also saw it and thought it was a kite as it was not moving at all. We could not stop due to traffic but both of us had a good look. Was quite close and high and totally stationary. One side of it looked white, but might have been the reflection from the sun.

When I rounded the corner I looked into my rear view mirror to see if I could spot it but it seemed to have gone.

Was definately not a kite, was way too high and no strings visible in the sun. Definitely not a plane or helicopter as it was not moving at all. Just motionless in the sky.

2 thoughts on “Black triangular shaped over Lakeside

  1. Skywatchers

    Hi Liesl,

    Trust you now travel with your cam..?

  2. About a year ago (2014) my daughter and I were sitting outside on the patio in Bedfordview in the Johannesburg area. It was a clear warm evening with no clouds in the the sky and the sun had just set. We happened to look up and saw a very large black Stelf shaped aircraft silently gliding over Bedford Shopping Centre. It’s triangular shape was outlined and highlighted by the bluelights on the rooftop of the shopping center. It did not make a sound. We were in unbelievable awe.. very excited …could not believe the reality of seeing such a craft and how it moved without a sound..I wanted to let the world know but had no idea how to go about it… that was a wow in my life. I do believe there are highly intelligent beings who in the past have visited Earth. Today, the different shapes and sizes of UFO Crafts are making greater appearances than before. There is life on all planets systems in the universe in many different lifeforms. Exciting times ahead…

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