Black Triangle in Hartbeespoort Area in 2001

Time and date: the year 2001 at 12 AM
Place: Hartbeespoort
Submitted by: Christof

Good day My name is Christof and I live on the south coast of south africa. After seeing an episode about flying triangles on Chasing UFO’s I thought it good to contact you. In the year 2001, one night around 12am in Hartbeespoort area near Pretoria me and my family witnessed a Huge black triangle flying next to the road as we were driving by. It had an whitish/orange like light in each corner and a bright white light shining on the ground from the middle. It was a clear moonlit evening so the outlines of the craft was very clear. It was huge, maybe as big as a tennis court (not sure) It was a perfect triangular craft hovering in one place as if looking for something on ground. It was revolving. There was NO noise thus silent. We drove on and it crossed the road behind us. The next moment it was gone without a trace. We were all dumbfounded. While driving past the object the hairs on our bodies raised, like static electricity.

Me and a friend had another encounter near George, Southern Cape. Triangular craft alongside the road around 11.30pm November evening 2013. It did the same manouvers and then suddenly sped up until it became like a satellite/star in the sky. My eyes kept on following it. No sound!. Please explain because since the first sighting I had the obsession of studying the Ufo phenomenah. Its all I can think of in my free time. Some details have obviousely gone missing because human memory can be tricky but regarding what I just mentioned I am 100% sure of. My parents are also witnesses and they could explain it.. Does this have to do with the Belgium triangle UFO flap in the 90’s? Maybe its a very highly classified government experiment. What I find very strange is that this triangular craft featured alot on the X Files series (watching it now again on DVD). Can you help explain this? I was very young when saw the first craft and didnt have a camera with us ALSO both sightings took place late at night close to roads. Please see attached example I found on internet recently that looks just like what we saw.



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