Black and blue object – Moreleta

Time and date: 20 March 2015 at 10:15 am
Place: Moreleta Park, PTA
Submitted by: Tarrant Du Toit

Driving west on DeVilla Boice in Moreleta park we looked up 45 degrees as a black and dark blue horizontal rectangle shape with two triangles on top, one on left top and another on right top. As we passed the golf course we could have a better view approaching the robot at the BP Garage, I thought its a plane towing a huge banner towards us BUT it was not moving, it dropped to about 20 degrees above horizon changing shape and then thought it is a formation of 4 x Boeing 747 then it shrank and I then thought it might be a formation of air force planes as it changed to a bright white and then it vanished like there never has been anything. Wondering if anybody else has seen it?

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